Radio Free Mormon: 003: Hiding Church History


Today “Radio Free Mormon” continues its guest hosted series with its 3rd episode.  This 3rd Episode “Hiding Church History” goes into the evidence that the Church intentionally holds back parts of its narrative when sharing its story with its own members.  The focus in this episode is on the 1832 First Vision Account and it having been intentionally removed from Joseph Smith’s journal and stored away by Joseph Fielding Smith in an act that kept this account of discrepancies outside the public eye till critics find out its existence in 1964 and released by the Church History Department in the 1965.



Stan Larson’s retelling of this event

The actual 1832 account with obvious tape attaching it back to the journal



As with all guest hosts, this Episode does not necessarily reflect the views of Bill Reel or Mormon Discussion Podcast.


Like this episode and others we have had from guest hosts,  Such contributions are highly desired.  My mission with Mormon Discussion Podcast is to bring great perspectives of Mormon History & Culture that helps struggling Latter-day Saints reconcile difficulties while being encouraged to stay in the Church.  If you wish to contribute either a Blog Post or a Audio Podcast Episode please do and send to me at ReelMormon AT gmail DOT com for consideration.


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