Radio Free Mormon: 007: Have LDS Apostles Seen Jesus?

Today “Radio Free Mormon” continues with its newest episode “Have LDS Apsotles Seen Jesus?”  This episode discusses what we can know and not know and what perhaps can be assessed by the statements of LDS Leaders on whether they have seen the actual risen Christ or not.


FairMormon setting the bar

Reed Smoot Hearings

Elder Oaks defining their “Special Witness”

Special Witness 

FairMormon Revelation after Joseph Smith


As with all guest hosts, this Episode does not necessarily reflect the views of Bill Reel or Mormon Discussion Podcast.


Like this episode and others we have had from guest hosts,  Such contributions are highly desired.  My mission with Mormon Discussion Podcast is to bring great perspectives of Mormon History & Culture that helps struggling Latter-day Saints reconcile difficulties while being encouraged to stay in the Church.  If you wish to contribute either a Blog Post or a Audio Podcast Episode please do and send to me at ReelMormon AT gmail DOT com for consideration.


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