Radio Free Mormon: 15: New Evidence for The Book Of Mormon

Today Radio Free Mormon throws us a curveball and shows us things are not so easy to brush off.  That while there are many contradiction in Mormonism that work against its claims, there are also other sides to that coin.  Namely paradoxes that call us to take the another look at Mormonism including today’s look into the Book of Mormon.  Just as we thought we might be heading down a wrong road, he points us to a road sign that suggests it may actually be a right road.  The road sign? ………  Numerology in the Book of Mormon.  No not your weird cousins type of numerology where one deciphers the numbers in your life as if reading a palm.  Rather what numbers meant to the Israelites and Jews and the Middle Eastern cultures and why strangely, those systems show up in great explainable yet statistically significant ways.






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