Radio Free Mormon: 27: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics Pt 3

RFM todays tackles the Deception of LDS Leaders that the Church in shielding membership from being aware of a significant loss of members to disaffection.  In this part 3 episode RFM shows using Leaders own words juxtaposed against the data that they are lying about Church growth and are downplaying disaffection.  He then proceeds to show that Mormonism has begun a sleight of hand as they begin to shift what “growth” will mean for future members of the Church.

A Deep Review of LDS Growth Statistics

Elder Cook’s Deceptive Statement

Elder Holland Apparently Lying about Double Digit Stake Creation

Elder Holland’s Tantrum on Disaffection

Elder Eyring’s Redefining of Growth – (15:48)

Discussion of decreasing ward per stake

Links from 2016 on LDS.ORG refuting Elder Holland’s Imposed Growth of Stakes

2. April

3. May 

4. June

5. July


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 27: Lies, Damn Lies, and Statistics Pt 3

  1. Great podcast as always!

    I am going to act the prophet here and prophecy by the all powerful phleterpul that the church will discontinue the reading of statistics in GC in the next two years! They will simply just stop announcing them with no explanation or reference that they previously did this. Down the memory hole! Just like one year they stopped sustaining the church patriarch as a profit, sear, and levitator with no comment. I mean, it’s just too easy to do some analysis and prove that growth is stagnant/decreasing, and you can’t keep talking about the huge growth if you share the actual numbers!

    But I do have to give the church a little credit on thing. In spite of their outward opposition to the Ordain Women movement, within a conference, the Relief Society presidency pictures (in all their bright colors) and young women presidency pictures showed up on the walls of the conference center; and magically, overnight, the 9 women leaders in the church were moved from the far right side of the red chairs facing the conference center to front and center, just below the pulpit! And then a woman gave the opening prayer in conference for the first time in 180+ years. Then it was told us that women would be on the major committees for the church. So, yeah, peer pressure works.

  2. I hate to say “I told you so”, but……

    However, I am not going to start a new church, or become the profit (heh,heh). However, Any type of financial support you wish to give, PLEASE send it RFM… He is the one who deserves it.

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