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Radio Free Mormon: 37: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up Part 2

RFM revisits the latest developments in the Joseph Bishop case, including his attempts to further unredact the the Joseph Bishop police interview report, access the Audio interview, His discovery after much work to get his hands on the “David Jordan” LDS Church dossier which was accidentally sent and used by Greg Bishop both father and legal council for Joseph Bishop…..  as well as his behind the scenes recent conversations with Mckenna Denson herself and what he has learned from those.  Radio Free Mormon through all of this and more helps us see that there is still much about this case that contributes to a much bigger picture………..  Especially if what we knew was on Page 4 of the Church’s dossier


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 37: Church Sex Scandal Cover-up Part 2”

  1. My nagging question is this:
    The Bishop who said he did not believe the stories mentioned that the woman said she was taken to the room and watched pornography…
    Ms. Denson stated in the press conference she did not know what was on the VHS tapes in the room.
    So, how did the bishop have that detail (presumably from Ms. Denson) if she now says she never saw what was on the tapes. My concern is that the church will use this to establish that her story changes…

  2. I REALLY look forward to part 3.

    I haven’t heard anything, but I recall John Dehlin sending out an open request for additional victims (if there are any) to come forward and contact him. I don’t know what has happened there, but it certainly would be interesting if additional victims came forward. I know they are out there.

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