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Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 45: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 2

McKenna Denson found early on that she had someone who believed her story. That person was Radio Free Mormon. From that moment on RFM has sought to help her and all of us get to the bottom of what the Church and the Police continue to hide. No one has helped us understand this story like Radio Free Mormon. And tomorrow morning his 2 part interview with McKenna Denson will release to the general public!!!! On one side RFM asks questions in his lawyerly fashion to get to the bottom of this case, and McKenna tells the story from her mouth. You won’t want to miss this!!!!

Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: The McKenna Denson Interview


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon—After Dark: 45: The McKenna Denson Interview Part 2”

  1. Hi McKenna and RFM. Loved the podcast. I have wondered for a while if you would be doing something like this RFM, and glad you did.

    The concept of “discernment” is one of the cracks in my faith shelf. For someone like Mr. Bishop to make it to that level is at best confusing; at worst, IMHO, its criminal.

    RFM, you made a point that the church will sacrifice anything in an effort to maintain their “Image”. Perhaps they have forgotten that when Jesus went to the cross,…that was “glamorous”. The LDS church teaches that Jesus took that hit because of love. But their conduct now, in an effort to protect their image (and indirectly protect Mr. Bishop) is astonishing.

    McKenna,…you have guts girl–and you have friends out here who back you 100%.

  2. I went through so many emotions while listening. It was touching, enlightening, enraging and hopeful. But most of all I am so impressed and inspired by McKenna’s courage and unwillingness to be cowed by these bastards. Great job, RFM and McKenna!

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