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Radio Free Mormon: 052: Gaslighting By The Numbers

Today Radio Free Mormon offers a prediction for General Conference using a quote by Elder Cook from a recent General Conference.  Elder Cook strangely imposed that Mormons will in fact always be “Small in number” due to “wickedness in the world”.  This seemed odd in light of you and me and everyone else having grown up with a Mormonism where dynamic Growth was told to us to be an indicator of the truthfulness of the Church.  As RFM goes to into detail to prove…. such seemed like blatant “Gaslighting“.  And RFM postulates that if this is the new narrative of the Church that they will need to reiterate such on more than one occasion including this weeks October 2018 General Conference.


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 052: Gaslighting By The Numbers”

  1. The movie Gaslight can be seen at, starrring Ingrid Bergman in all her wonderfulness.

    I think I’ll watch that movie this weekend, whilst all the podcasters suffer through general conference.

  2. Just watched Gaslight (1944). Thanks for the recommendation.

    We live in an empire of lies. Just about everything we hear is lies from media, government, school, Hollywood, etc.

    Truly we’re in a Matrix and once discovered it’s depressing to the soul, with our only escape a reliance on the Holy One of Israel.

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