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Radio Free Mormon: 065: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 2

Today we tackle the Elder and Sister Renlund Devotional from January 13th 2019. We dissect the Renlunds two parables and their commentary about doubts and those who have them. Along the way we tackle their comparing the Church to a Dilapidated Dinghy as well as their concept of Church Wack-A-Mole. This is a three part series and we hope you enjoy!!!


4 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 065: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 2”

  1. The thing you two are not mentioning is how the Renlunds seem to be teaching that faith in Christ and belief in the church are not just equal to each other, that they are synonymous. They are teaching that if you doubt the church you have lost or will lose faith in God and Christ. This is such a false concept spoken in such soft and kind tone using demeaning words. Remember you stupid children that my prophet, see and revelator husband figured this out at age 11, you idiots should figure it out now. If not, you are faithless fools. Well let me tell you Sis, your husband is a late bloomer. Pres. Henry J. Eyeing figured it out as a toddler during story time in his mother’s bed. This presentation by the Renlunds can go pound sand. Mega kiddos to Bill and RFM! You two were spot on!

  2. How many times has a Church president claimed spiritual confirmation of an assertion that is later shown to be false, or discarded by a later leader? Lots. The notion that a spiritual experience can serve as a foundation for verifying truth is absurd. In fact, the data shows the exact opposite.

  3. BTW, sis Renlund’s claim about Steven that “Doubting pleased him more than knowing” is a cult like statement. It places the Church in very bad light

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