Radio Free Mormon: 054: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 3

Today we tackle the Elder and Sister Renlund Devotional from January 13th 2019. We dissect the Renlunds two parables and their commentary about doubts and those who have them. Along the way we tackle their comparing the Church to a Dilapidated Dinghy as well as their concept of Church Wack-A-Mole. This is a three part series and we hope you enjoy!!!

Widstoe Talk on Doubt – chapter 7


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 054: The Renlunds, A Dilapidated Dinghy, and Church Wack-A-Mole Part 3

  1. This three part series has been one of the best so far. Especially part 2 where Bill so accurately described the pain of the doubters. Thanks for the hard work you two have put into this one.

  2. RFM,
    I congratulate you, sir, on a razor sharp wit and ability to illuminate and expose the deeply problematic and torturous mental states of church leaders. In episode 42 you relate the reasons why you remain anonymous and this struck a chord with me.

    My wife and I evolved out of orthodoxy (Orwell says that orthodoxy is unconsciousness) about two years ago and for all intents and purposes we don’t consider ourselves Mormon. Though we have stopped going to church we must don the vestments of orthodoxy around her family because her grandfather is in the Q12 (I will say that he is in the subcategory of one of the top two apostles as far as seniority is concerned). At times it does feel like we exist behind enemy lines. We have tested the waters by making slightly unorthodox statements and have met with an almost unbelievable backlash (it’s as if her family were being attacked by a bear and they were running for their lives).

    Simply knowing that someone else is in our boat (not the Renlund’s dilapidated dinghy) is a source of comfort.

    Best Regards,

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