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Radio Free Mormon: 076: Spying For The Lord

Todays Episode of Radio Free Mormon has RFM reaching out personally to the Strengthening Church Members Committee.  You heard that right.  RFM picked up the phone and called Elder Dyches of the Seventy and a member of the strengthening Church Members Committee to see what they might tell him about his file there and what the Church had on him.  In the end this secret organization told RFM way more than they got about its anonymous caller on the other end of their line.  This episode also features the closing song by Weird Alma


10 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 076: Spying For The Lord”

  1. RFM has painted the church into a corner and the church has no defense against the truth. Will they excommunicate the hundred of thousands who are members of the church but know the church leaders have not received a revelation from God in the last 100 plus years? The best thing the church can do is just keep building their ugly buildings all over the world waiting for God to appear again and lead them once more. They are getting more desperate by the minute. Weird Alma has a hit song once again.

  2. What a story RFM! The more I learn about Mormonism the more I realize that it is a cult, something I never thought I would say of the church I grew up in.

    Thank you for introducing me to Weird Alma!

  3. I’m sure the only reason this secretive committee was so open with you RFM was to confirm your identity. I’m sure they are reasonably certain of your name but are too cautious to initiate a disciplinary council until they are certain. A very good move on your part if you want to avoid that kangaroo court. You followed Horace Rumpole’s advice of never confessing.

  4. The SCMC existed long before the letter that comprised Section 123. As D. Michael Quinn revealed, a lot of the “persecution” in Missouri was actually retaliation against church members for the actions of the Danites (the original and still a common name for the SCMC).

    When David Whitmer called out the church for harboring secret combinations, he had to flee for his life. And, as we all know, the history is written by the victors, so of course the church paints itself as the eternal victim in Missouri and Nauvoo.

    I helped write a book on calling out the Utah cult as the Book of Mormon’s “great and abominable” church, but have yet to hear anything regarding disciplinary action, primarily because I have publicly told the LDS corporation, “You have no authority over me. I burned my temple recommend and garments. I renounced the idolatrous blood oaths made in the masonic lodges you pretend are temples of God. I removed my own records from the ward boundaries I was in at the time. You placed them back without my permission. I do not sustain that ward’s bishop. I do not sustain the local or general authorities. You have no power over me.”

  5. That song is GREAT!! Helped me clear a lot of negative energy! I am a Christ centered energy healer,(no longer consider myself mormon although they still have me on their inactive role..I do know for certain however, that Js jr. Was a prophet, did see god and did translate the bom from ancient text..I hold every covenant I’ve made sacred and between myself and the Lord and no man on earth can take those from me.. my belief in church doctrine that has been manipulated by conspiring men ends there) I have many spiritual gifts including hearing through the vail, visions, and a bs detector that is off the charts intuitively of my lds clients and friends sent me this podcast because I have mentioned in videos that I know the church has a dept that monitors church members social media accounts as my Angel’s have conveyed this to me Clair audiently through the vail and also that they are watching channel is called All things by faith on utube and I speak hard truth about the church, the infiltration of the gadiantons and call out leaders in general for being in bed with the globalists and onboarding with harmful vaccines..i did not know radiofreemorman existed, nor the name if the dept at headquarters name that was watching me until my client sent me this podcast..i want to thank you for publishing this and publishing the phone number because i too am going to call elder Dyches and ask what is in my file!🤣 but I will give him my name and sing alleluia when they excommunicate me..I will not stop speaking truth to power, so they will have no choice when I make this clear..only God himself or the Savior can strike my name from the book of life or take my covenants..and I honestly want no more association with the church Organization in and of itself..ot is evil and lead by evil men..being exed will save me jumping through all the hoops and getting an attorney involved to get my records and have my name taken from the is much more difficult than most people understand and I dont have the time to waste on such things..keep doing what you are doing! It’s great!
    Sincerely your sister in Christ,
    Elena Konradi…all things by faith

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