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Radio Free Mormon: 080: Will The Real McKenna Denson Please Stand Up!

Today RFM and Bill Reel take time to evaluate the latest events in the McKenna Denson case.  Namely Poisoned Orange Juice, A car in flames, and a two attacker assault as well as Mike Norton’s recent tirade expose of McKenna’s past.  While McKenna’s past has always been known to be checkered, the recent events raised questions about whether it was McKenna herself who was tainting her own OJ, lighting her own car ablaze, and receiving injuries from her own actions rather than assailants many in the critical thinking Mormon arena are suddenly taking a second look at her past infractions and beginning to see a pattern of a grifter and scam artist who is up to the same old tricks which only serve to dismantle what little credibility she had left.


17 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 080: Will The Real McKenna Denson Please Stand Up!”

  1. I am a woman who was in the MTC in 1985, a year after McKenna. The fact she may have known about a room in the basement is not proof that Bishop took her down there or that the room was his secret place as she claims.

    I can describe the men’s showers in the MTC from 1985. Why? Because an elder took me there? No. Because the missionaries were assigned to clean the entire MTC and my assignment was the men’s showers.

    If there was a room in the basement, she may have known because she cleaned it or someone else told her. There may have been many such rooms. The MTC was in those days essentially a dormitory. Even temples have beds in rooms (the Salt Lake temple has many such rooms off of the baptistry, the changing areas, an emergency firs aid room with beds in them for workers to nap. The MTC was the same way.

    I wish you would not continue to believe it’s explosive that someone has confirmed there was a room like that in the MTC, therefore it supports her story of whose room it was or what happened in a room.

    1. If nothing happened and MTC Pres Joe Bishop is the Saint greedy corrupt cult lds inc paints him to be, then why did the cult deny and lie about the existence of Bishop’s requested basement room that had a bed in it?!

  2. One other thing that I think you left out in your analysis is that whatever happened in the MTC may not have just been a “one way street” of Bishop abusing McKenna. Remember, McKenna had had a baby by the time she entered the MTC and was also later sent home for giving an elder a blow job, which she has had no qualms about admitting. I don’t think it’s much of a stretch to believe that as Bishop’s conversations possible became more inappropriate and sexual in nature, McKenna may have actually been more of a willing participant than the victim she claims to be. We just don’t know.

  3. McKenna needs her own cable TV show: “MCKENNA vs. THE WORLD”

    I reported in the comment section of Radio Free Mormon months ago that her three interviews did not “jive”. I will plug my new religion here because why not?

  4. Mike Norton (NewNameNoah)

    This was well done and spot on. I’d like to address just a few things that should be corrected or clarified.

    • Either Bill or RFM referred to me as a “mole” for the church in my position as a close friend of Denson. Around the same time it was said that I was, “working for [Mormon church attorney] David Jordan.”

    I want to emphasize that not only was I not “working for” David Jordan or the Mormon church as a paid or unpaid employee or contractor. Not only was I not “working for” them, I specifically recall telling David Jordan the first time that I spoke to him (I initiated contact with him), I made it clear that I was asking for NOTHING in return and wanted NOTHING in return. If anything, David Jordan was “working for” me by helping me legally acquire some police reports that were not easily accessible to the general public. That’s not to say the reports aren’t “public information”, they’re just not easily accessible. To the best of my knowledge, David’s Jordan didn’t violate any laws or made any ethics violations as an attorney in helping me acquire information for MY PERSONAL QUEST to find out the truth about June “McKenna” Denson.

    • Bill said that Denson has had “30-50 incidents” over the years that were of questionable behavior (i.e., arrests, ridiculous lawsuits) and undermines her credibility.

    I think this number is high. At least based on what we know for a fact. Denson has so many arrests and fabricated allegations in her life there’s no need to bump the numbers up. In reality, if we know of 15-20 incidents (which we do) then there is a high likelihood there’s another 20-30 that we DON’T know about. I know for a fact that there’s at least a dozen more incidents that I don’t have enough details about to discuss without making assumptions.

    • I LOVED the part when Bill talked about doing the right thing and dismissing the handful of crazy people who told him that his public criticism of Denson is hurting numerous other sexual assault cases so maybe he shouldn’t be so critical of Denson for the sake of the greater good.

    • It was said that Denson passed a polygraph test on the PF Changs incident (razor blades pieces in her dessert).

    It should be noted that Denson refused to take a polygraph test at the police department. Her attorney said he would have her take a polygraph from a private polygraphist. Her attorney wanted to use a well known “polygraphist for hire” who had a terrible reputation for her test. The police said they wouldn’t agree to that particular polygraphist and the cops and Denson’s attorney mutually agreed on two other polygraphists. Instead of using one of those two polygraphists, Denson’s attorney went back to the previously rejected polygraphist. She claims she got $30,000 in an out of court settlement from PF Changs.

    That’s all. Thanks for doing this podcast. I agree that Joseph Bishop likely had inappropriate conversations of a sexual nature with Denson. I believe that the evidence also suggests that Bishop had behaved in an appropriate manner with multiple women over the years. I also agree that Billy Joel kicks ass. 😉

    1. Mike, you say “Either Bill or RFM referred to me as a “mole” for the church in my position as a close friend of Denson. Around the same time it was said that I was, “working for [Mormon church attorney] David Jordan.”

      I think your confusing this podcast with something else. I don’t remember either of us saying that. I think there is a comment about you are assisting the church by helping them gather their case and by hurting her credibility but I dont remember any comment about a mole.

      1. In the 28th minute of this recording there is discussion of Mike as a “mole” and doing the dirty work of David Jordan. You may want to rescind that according to Mike above. Thanks for your excellent analysis.

  5. I can believe that there was inappropriate contact of a sexual nature by J Bishop. The law will need to sort through this.

    My red flags came up quickly when there were numerous requests for money from McKenna. A few other things made me take a big step back and purely observe.

    There were other high profile LDS people coming out about sexual assault at the same time as McKenna. To my knowledge, these people did not ask for money.

    Something always felt odd about this scenario. As I stepped back, I knew that this was likely to unwind into this sort of scenario.

    Wish Mike Norton had not gone overboard with her. Bullying is never a good way to take forward what were legitimate concerns. He has something to contribute but he needs to quell his anger or people will only hear the noise.


  6. One thing I am sure of; there was a basement room at the Provo MTC around that same time period. My Branch President always took our district and his counselors down there for interviews.

  7. Considering that the crime rates have been low for several years, all I can say is that this woman is simply the most “unlucky” person on earth. I believe that she lives in Colorado which has a very low crime rate (352/100k people). Having just one instance in your life is relatively rare, but to keep having these bigger problems simply makes me a pure skeptic.

    I also wonder how it is that from a (I’m assuming) reasonably large cake for a whole table, that she is the only one who got the razor blades, and from just taking some frosting as described by RFM.

    “The lady doth protest too much, methinks” (Hamlet)

    1. Why is nobody looking at the fact that if she swallowed razors, how the hell would she know that or enough to know she even swallowed anything dangerous? Cuts in her mouth? Then she could have spit it out easily at that point. A bit suspicious for even more reasons possibly? My guess, she purposely cut her mouth to get some blood then swallowed anyway, and the drama continued from there? Just a guess based on her track record.

  8. While I found this podcast interesting, I’m pretty discouraged at the behavior of Bill Reel and of Mike Norton. McKenna apparently has some pretty significant issues and needs significant help. Both of you have claimed to be her friend, yet Bill talks of posting a picture of her with “Liar” stamped across it and Mike spoke publicly about violently harming her. While I find McKenna’s behavior very upsetting and I’m frustrated at what she’s done, I don’t think these responses are mature or appropriate. Bill, don’t continue to call yourself her friend, this is not how friends treat each other.

  9. During my time at the MTC in the early 80’s the Thai elders were said to have gone multiple times into the basement to perform “ceremonies” decked out in temple garb.

    So madame fruit-loop could have easily known about the basement, or even visited the basement back then.

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