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Radio Free Mormon: 083: The Missing Sixteen Pages

RFM today tackles the fact that not only was the 1832 account (6 pages) excised by someone within the Church History Department of the LDS Church and stored away for decades but that in fact there are another 16 pages that were also cut out and never returned and missing to this day.


missing 16 pages 


1 thought on “Radio Free Mormon: 083: The Missing Sixteen Pages”

  1. Why does the JSPP say that the 8 pages “may have been cut out at the same time” as the 3 pages? They need to indicate what evidence supports this speculation.

    We can guess the approximate time period for the 3 pages because of the clear tape (and the LaMar Peterson story). But how do we know that the 8 pages weren’t removed back in the 1830s in order to flip it over and repurpose it as a history book? (and why say that the 8 “were apparently inscribed sometime after the history and before the letterbook.” Am I missing something, what makes that apparent?)

    -Was there something about the way they were cut out that indicates it was the same person/s as with the other removed pages?

    -Was there some record/index that indicated that they were still contained in the book prior to the 1830s?

    -Is there some record or note from the church historian’s office indicating that they “modified” the letterbook at that time period?

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