7 Replies to “Radio Free Mormon: 085: Was the 1835 First Vision Account Suppressed?”

  1. Sherlock Holmes would be pleased with your detective work. After you referred to the case about the yellow face I found it on YouTube read by Magpie Audio. I have listened to a few more and find them fascinating. I even heard the one where he explains that after we eliminate all other possibilities the one that remains “however improbable” must be the answer. You referred to this Sherlock logic in another podcast. So thank you once again for unravelling a mystery. As I was listening I knew that this Joshua the Jewish minister was referred to in TPJS and found it expecting ellipsis dots but none were there. Then a little later you explained that it was in TPJS but I see that it came from the B.H. Roberts work which had already bypassed that important information without even the benefit of ellipsis marks, I guess. As you pointed out in one of the Coup de’tat podcasts there was “tomfoolery” in the revisionist history that fixed the “plain and precious” words of Joseph Smith to support the new teachings that were different than his. I have never even scratched the surface of the resources you studied for this podcast. I feel a need to do so now. Thank you for the introduction. I would not want to impose on your time because it might take thousands of hours but I would be most interested in seeing all of these points of “tomfoolery”, in one article, where the original, or Pure Mormonism as Rock Waterman puts it, was doctored. Thank you for your detective work.

  2. Come on guys, nothing to see here, this has been predicted by the Prophets: Article of Faith number nine:

    We believe all that God has revealed, all that He does now reveal, and we believe that He will yet reveal many great and important things pertaining to the Kingdom of God.

  3. Normally I am pulled right into your podcasts and find them both high quality and riveting. You are the best of the best!

    This one, however, was tedious beyond measure! What the hell were you thinking in over explaining everything?

  4. It’s a little interesting that the church’s first vision movie that featured Stewart Petersen as Joseph Smith included the part where Joseph thinks he hears footsteps behind him. They included material unique to the 1835 account in this 1976 movie.

  5. One for four and all for one . The faith of fifteen million was leveraged on the story line promoted by us missionaries thousands of times . The result is a lot of lost souls that are wondering what in the hell are we doing putting so much time money and effort into this religion. I don’t quite know what to say . Yep most of us would have done the same thing William law did . The expositor should have won the day . But we ended up with Brigham instead now we have wealth , political power and apologists . All good things if you you are selling something that makes people happy . No wonder Zannex Prozac and the other z drugs are in such high demand in moridor I mean Utah . I hope a law suit is coming this could be the best class action ever put forward . That’s what I like about listening to r f m. He’s a lawyer he knows a conspiracy when he sees one right ? Well let’s not get giddy yet in the face of the evidence there are still a lot of folks that have too much faith to fail . Weaning the members from their only true church belief narrative is like taking a pacifier from an 18 month old and putting him in nursery . It’s going to be solved by the former gospel doctrine teacher who now haunts the nursery because the stake president doesn’t trust his style of revealing the truth. Theres a lot of us out there and a lot more are joining the ranks . All the more reason for shortened Sunday worship well anyway keep up the great podcasts. Keep digging after all it was when Joseph Smith quit digging all these shinnanigans began to come forth. We all should go out out and get some hats and shinny stones. Yeh that’ll do it !!!!!

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