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Radio Free Mormon: 87: Face to Face with Radio Free Mormon

Radio Free Mormon will be presenting a Face to Face Devotional at the Sunstone Symposium, Friday, August 2, 2019 at 3:45 p.m.

You are invited to submit any questions you want in the comment section below.

Please listen to the podcast for additional details and ground rules.

I look forward to seeing you at Sunstone!


26 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 87: Face to Face with Radio Free Mormon”

  1. You will get to see my face no doubt. But my IRL name will not be used. At least that is the plan as of now…

  2. I will not be in attendance, but look forward to a replay! These could be questions you address at Sunstone or even stand-alone podcasts:

    1) Can you share your thoughts on the legality of the church suppressing history/doctrines and the role it plays in extracting tithing dollars from faithful members who are unaware of the full truth? In other words, was Tom Phillips going down a path with any merit in the UK?

    2) Can you share your thoughts on the Council of Fifty and what you believe were Joseph Smith’s final intentions for this group along what might have happened if he had lived?

  3. Sadly I won’t be there either, but look forward to hearing your Q&A

    1) With so much of Brigham’s narrative coming unraveled (apostolic coup d etat, MMM etc) have you considered examining theories about his and others of the 12 involvement in the murders of Joseph Hyrum & Samuel? There have been developments in research of this type in recent years (JSFP, Exoneration of Emma Joseph & Hyrum etc) and am wondering what your take is on it?

    2) Whats your take on the Entheogenic theory of Joseph Smith? As a Native American Church member and Mormon, seeing this being discussed openly warms my heart.

    Thanks again RFM

  4. 1) Can you share your thoughts about the Lamanites becoming, “White and Delightsome” via the Lamanite Placement Program, and Spencer W Kimball mentioning missionaries joking they would make blood transfusions to speed up the process?

    2) Asking for a friend who might be destined to be a TK Smoothie in the afterlife… Is it possible to reach an orgasm by dry humping with another TK Smoothie? There will be others who he knows that will be having endless celestial sex in the upper tiers of heaven. I just don’t want him to feel bad or jealous and give him some kind of hope.

  5. Do you need any authority from God to baptize anyone? John the baptist baptized Jesus Christ without belonging to the Sanhedrin or any important sect. Can we all just baptize each other without any consequence.

  6. Sadly I won’t be in attendance, but i still very much look forward to hearing a recording of your Q&A.

    1) There has been a lot of developments and discovery of new evidence supporting theories that Brigham, Heber and other church authorities at Nauvoo were involved with the murders of Joseph, Hyrum and Samuel Smith. Most of these have come from the ex-RLDS and anti-polygamy crowd (JSFP, Exoneration of Emma Joseph & Hyrum etc). With so much of Brigham’s and the 12’s narrative coming unraveled, have you looked at any of these theories and new evidence? What is your take on it?

    2) Can you comment on theories regarding the murder of Harold B Lee by rival apostles?

    3) As a Native American Church member and Mormon, the Entheogenic theory of Mormonism really appeals to me. Even though most who advance these claims hope to expose JS as a fraud by doing so, some of us are only more convinced by this info. What do you make of this theory? Have you had any spiritual experiences with the help of plant medicines? If this “theory” were to become recognized as truth, what would you think the effect on membership would be? Disillusionment? A change in culture and a greater tolerance of plants & the experiences they provide?

    4) Thank you for not jumping on the Correlated McKenna Denson hate train courtesy of the Kirton-Mcconkie dossier. It’s amazing that a man like Mike Norton has been so clearly used and so many cannot see it. Imagine taking info from LDS lawyers and believing it whole heartedly, doesn’t sound like NNN to me. Do you think having celebrity ex-mormons in our community with super star status makes us vulnerable to controlled opposition, useful idiots etc? If so, how can we avoid being fooled by LDS psyops?

    5) Can you comment on Danites in the modern era? The last public incident that couldn’t be hidden I’d heard of was the incident with Douglas Wallace, a faithful Mormon excommunicated for being a few years ahead of his time and stealing Kimball’s thunder. There were 6 SLCPD officers assigned to surveillance on him and the church lied repeatedly about it, eventually being forced to be truthful by his lawyers. Obviously SLCPD & the church’s power, money, means, tools, and influence have only grown since 76 and presumably they’ve learned from their past debacles. Have you heard of any similar activities by the church more recently? Any reports of Danite activity?

    Thanks for everything you do RFM!

    1. Andres – As a Native American Church member and Mormon, what are your thoughts on the DNA evidence sourcing your ancestry to Asia and the past church claim of Jewish decent, now watered down by the church in the narrative and not mentioned anymore? BTW, I too am very interested in the early church history visions, possibly invoked by psychotropics. Since I’ve been out of the church I’ve gone on some journeys of my own and had many awesome visions, some quite amazing and profound, but none lined up at all with Mormon doctrine.

      1. This is a tricky question, it’s not surprising that I’m not closely related to white Ashkenazi jews. Considering that over 100 million of our people were killed during colonization its kind of hard to guess the genetics of those murdered. The BOM makes clear that the Lamanites, who ignored Law of Moses intermarriage prohibitions for hundreds of years, destroyed the “racially pure” white Nephites. My people have absorbed many migrations and we have some Asian ancestors, some African, some white. BOM says God chose this labs and lead many different people here. Columbus was last, there are mummies with tobacco and cocaine in their veins. Only a white eurocentric fool would think that building a boat is harder and more advanced than building pyramids

        Did your ideas of Joseph Smith’s polygamy change in light of the new DNA evidence that he fathered no children by anyone other than Emma and over 10 women who claimed to have born his child were proven liars? Traditions die hard, regardless of evidence

  7. Having listened to your Defender of the Faith podcasts, you’ve known the messiness of the history for quite some time, yet still believed and defended the church. Assuming that you no longer believe the truth claims of the church, are you willing to share with us the issue(s) that finally broke your shelf? To put it another way: how did Radio Free Mormon become Radio Free Mormon?

    1. I’d like to hear about this too. Defender of the Faith is very persuasive! He’s convincing me. Will you be doing a series of podcasts to discuss what changed about those beliefs? What arguments overcame those arguments?

  8. Psychedelic Sacrament?

    I am also very interested in the entheogen theory. I feel so many people (including myself) have felt compelled to set aside their questions in the name of all the miracles and visions that happened in the early church. If this simple explanation was confirmed, that would allow this strong grip to release.

  9. Did President Oaks lie when he said in the “Be One” celebration “The reasons that had been given to try to explain the prior restrictions on members of African ancestry—even those previously voiced by revered Church leaders—were promptly and publicly disavowed.” I don’t remember any disavowal.

  10. Good luck RFM, I wish I could attend.

    Anyone who listens to your podcasts knows how skilled you are in analyzing data and presenting rational arguments based on the facts. You do it best, and I’d hate to be your opposing counsel in a courtroom. At some point, I would love to hear more about your religious/spiritual beliefs with the clear caveat that we’d be straying from a hard line of verifiable facts and venturing into some unknowns. If you’re not about that you can tell me to get lost.

  11. Hi RFM. Love your work! Three questions to choose from:

    1) Do you ever worry about copyright violations when playing music at the end of your podcasts?

    2) If you were called into a disciplinary council (excuse me, council of love), would you resign or would you attend and let it play out?

    3) When you were attending church, did you ever speak up in the meetings about the stuff that you discuss on your podcast? If so, how did it go? If not, why not?

  12. Since I do not live in Utah, I sadly will not be able to attend.
    I would be interested to know if your brother is still a Jehovah’s Witness. Did one religion have a tighter hold than the other?

  13. I wish I could be there in person.

    Is there any way to bring financial transparency to the church?

    What would you expect the the ramifications to be if there were legal means or social pressure to make the finances transparent?

    Are the finances more sacred than the second anointing?

  14. In the spirit of this podcast, I’d like to ask the following question to be addressed during the Face-to-Face:

    * How can I increase my faith in Radio Free Mormon?

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