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Radio Free Mormon: 89: Defender of the Faith Part 4

Radio Free Mormon devotes an entire class period to an in depth defense of the different accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

You won’t want to miss this one!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 89: Defender of the Faith Part 4”

  1. One thing in your lecture that you didn’t address was the reason JS prayed in the first place. In the 1832 account he states he already knew there was no true church and that the purpose was for a forgiveness of sins. This differs significantly from later accounts.
    Also wasn’t the 1832 account the only one written in JS handwriting? You state he dictated it to someone.

  2. RFM;

    After you publish your old lectures, it would be great to get an episode of “Current RFM” commenting on “Defender of the Faith RFM”.

  3. Thanks again. You brought out some good points I had not thought of before, such as:
    JS told a preacher and it was not received well
    JS was being persecuted for it
    JS put it to writing soon after God told him to
    JS and others did not give an exact age
    The first vision was important to JS
    The first vision only had one human witness, JS, and things important to the church had multiple witnesses

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