Radio Free Mormon: 78: Does the LDS Church Continue to Hide Its History?

Tonight, Radio Free Mormon shows how the LDS Church continues to hide its history.

He first gives a whirlwind tour of the four primary accounts of Joseph Smith’s First Vision.

RFM then looks at the new church history titled “Saints” and exposes the contortions the authors go through in order to tell a faith promoting account of the First Vision without ever mentioning the contradictions between the various accounts.

In order to see how the LDS Church continues to hide its history, we have to be as conversant with the different First Vision accounts as are the church historians who gloss over the differences and contradictions in “Saints.”

It takes a thief to catch a thief.

And Radio Free Mormon definitely catches the church historians off first base in their creative, if not deceptive, recounting of Joseph Smith’s First Vision!





2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 78: Does the LDS Church Continue to Hide Its History?

  1. RFM enjoy your podcasts! Especially your Defender of the Faith series! Keep it up!

  2. I Appreciate all the hard work that went into this. Love the mind field analogy. But listening to this made me really sad too. I don’t know if this part of the Saints book qualifies as suppression or not but they are certainly piling on the obfuscation sauce. Yet, however cleverly they have done this, eventually it will leave bitterness in the mouths of truth seekers. To know that even after all we have gone through in the struggle for transparency we get this?! It makes my stomach turn. So while I enjoyed this episode and the continued brilliance of RFM, I must adjourn for some lovely cherry flavored Tums. Thanks again Mormon historians.

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