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Radio Free Mormon: 114: Defender of the Faith Lecture 7

Lecture 7 wraps up my discussion of commonly heard criticisms against Joseph Smith.

Included is part of a fiery sermon by a local Church of Christ minister, as well as a remarkable spiritual experience.

If you are troubled by anti-Mormons that go bump in the night, who you gonna call? Radio Free Mormon, Defender of the Faith!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 114: Defender of the Faith Lecture 7”

  1. Suggestion: Do an in-depth podcast on the temple and endowment ceremony that wasn’t supposed to change! I’m not sure about how you see and feel concerning this part of Mormonism? What is your experiences etc?

  2. On one of the Mormon Stories interviews people submitted their favourite episodes. Number 17 True Believing Mormon and The Apostolic Coup d’état are my favourites listened to about five times each. In connection with Rolf’s comment I am also anxious to learn of your positive spiritual experiences that you have mentioned that sometime you would share. Best wishes to you and Thank you very much for all your work on these podcasts. I have benefitted greatly from them. (I was never as involved in Marvel comics as you were but recently I have been learning about Stan Lee. There are some you tube interviews with him. What a neat guy.)

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