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Radio Free Mormon: 206: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!

RFM makes several important announcements involving the direction of the podcast, an update on the #GiveThanks episode from last week, and revealing a big secret about what has been going on behind the scenes at Radio Free Mormon!  This is a must-listen!


11 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 206: IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENTS!!!”

  1. Hey RFM,

    I used to be a regular donator, but after losing my marriage (due to leaving the church) and losing my home, I am living paycheck to paycheck. I am also working a master’s degree.

    Thank you for the podcasts, and I hope my meager $3/month is okay. I wish I could offer more. Once I get back on my feet, please expect a larger donation as well as a thank you letter.


    1. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your marriage due to your leaving the church, Loman!

      Your contribution is very much appreciated!

      Hang in there!


  2. Silly boy, don’t you know that when you get that super special 2nd anointing commandments are optional?
    If you mess up god will just beat you with a few stripes and all will be well at the last day. Problem at solved 👍! #givethanks

    1. My problem is I haven’t received that second anointing yet, Nancy!

      Until then, I guess I’ll just have to work twice as hard!

  3. Hi RFM. Just wanted you to know I made an annual donation instead of doing the monthly autopay. I love your content and get a lot out of your work. I hope you continue to succeed and expand your project.

  4. RFM could you post the link to that article you referenced about President Nelson and the Apostle’s lukewarm (I’m being generous here) response to the #GiveThank campaign?

    I found it fascinating and would like to read more. I would also like to share it with others who I think will also find it interesting.

    And keep up the GREAT work – I wear my Radio Free Mormon T-Shirts with pride, bro!

  5. RFM,
    I really appreciate the detailed, smart, educated, even sensitive way that you employ—with the appropriate measure of snark, of course, when needed! I’m a new listener, and an instant fan! How could I not answer your plea for a donated subscription! I’m looking forward to your next podcasts. I’ve been so impressed with your detailed knowledge of things Mormon! Love it when you get in the weeds! Keep it coming!!

  6. Good-faith feedback — and a theory for one possible reason the donations dropped precipitously some months back (not Covid). If you want to tell me to go to hell afterward, I respect that.

    Not only was your “Born Again Book of Mormon” podcast perhaps the greatest and most important defense of the Book of Mormon ever, your podcast in general also offered a fresh and welcome alternative to certain well-known ex-LDS podcasts which throw the entire bathwater out with the LDS Church. Some who are disenchanted with the LDS Church still nonetheless believe in the Book of Mormon. You even told about your own spiritual witness if it, and your”omni-visions,” if you will, relative to that.

    But then what did you do?

    You came out with a fusillade of podcasts which discredit the Book of Mormon and its translator.

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