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Radio Free Mormon: 213: BAD BLOOD

Tonight we do a deep dive into the hit-piece John Gee wrote about his former Egyptology professor Robert Ritner, ostensibly as a book review for The Journal of the Society for the Study of Egyptian Antiquities.  Is there bad blood between Gee and Ritner?  You bet there is!  And John Gee’s hit-piece brings it into high definition!


8 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 213: BAD BLOOD”

  1. As someone who’s been involved in academic peer review for decades, as author, reviewer, and editor, it’s clear that Gee’s “The Problem with Peer Review” is silly. Everyone knows that peer review is imperfect. The relevant question is, compared to what? What are the alternatives? As far as I know, Gee suggests none, except perhaps letting him decide the fate of articles he cares about.

    His scathing review of Ritner’s book then provides evidence – if any of Gee’s comments are to be believed – that peer review is indeed necessary. How else to eliminate all the terrible mistakes prior to publication?

    If anyone’s interested, another book review screed of Gee’s from 1992 can be found here:

  2. Oh my Goodness! John Gee is a major diva!!!…and he doesn’t wear it well.

    I find his back handed bitterness toward a respected expert to be shocking. Worse than that, is his seeming complete lack of ability to see what a fool and laughing stalk he is making of himself by going off like this. What a dirty move to dump and run, leaving the new editor to clean up after his mess.

    Up your meds buddy, and heaven help any woman that has managed to deal with you for any length of time.

    I listened to the 13 hr marathon with Dr. Ritner, and I see now that he was very magnanimous when referring to this rift. I hope he found a donor.

    1. You are right, Terry. RFM would be a lot more Mormon if he banned criticism, deleted negative comments like yours, and made claims he couldn’t back up with data and said you just have to believe him and trust only the material he puts on his website. Except those core features of Mormonism are not the ones that are worthy of emulation.

  3. Excellent episode, RFM! As an academic it is shocking to hear both Gee’s attitude towards peer review, and the screed he passed off as a book review. Aside from anything else, those two pieces are below the dignity of a serious scholar. He should be thoroughly ashamed.

  4. Wow as a former BYU employee I am mortified Gee would not only slander his former professor, the greatest egyptologist in the western hemisphere, but the insidious manner he uses like speaking in generalities when the type of argument requires specifics. Tell us John Gee, what EXACTLY is your problem with Robert Ritner. We know already and you know we know. Gee seems to feel like he owes BYU loyalty so extreme he’s willing to do and say anything to keep his job and get his retirement.

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