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Mormonism LIVE !: 013: What Bad Faith Looks Like

Using a recent article in the Church Magazine “Liahona” (Formerly the Ensign) published by the LDS Church, RFM and Bill Reel dissect whether the Church acts in good faith with how it imposes its narrative and who it blames when that narrative is pointed out as not accurate.  When the Church is informed that it is being inaccurate how does the Church respond, both in its rhetoric in terms of who it blames for the problem and what it says it will do about the problem, as well as what it actually does to correct the problem.  The Video version of this episode and all other episodes can be found on youtube at this url Please consider donating to Mormonism LIVE ! to help us keep this live show going by CLICKING HERE

Swedish Rescue –

Blaming the artists for inaccurate depictions

Del Parson’s experience with getting Church art approved

images more current still obscuring the stone and the hat

Even after saying they will correct the problem of inaccurate art depictions they again in 2021 display a deeply inaccurate artistic depiction.


2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 013: What Bad Faith Looks Like”

  1. Really enjoyed this episode. Wish O could have heard it live so I could have called in. Here are a series of somewhat related thoughts…

    While it is true they have mention the seer stone here and there over the years, there is very little mention of the hat.

    One of the old style depictions of the BoM translation also appeared in the Jan 2021 Friend!

    The seer stone was my first ‘shelf’ item as a missionary in 1989. But more along the lines of trying to understand the difference between the U&T and the seer stones mentioned in the BoM. Never figured it out, but read a lot of Joseph Fielding Smith and realized that he had no clue either other than to point out that (in his opinion) Joseph didn’t use a seer stone to translate the BoM. The crazy bit is that he was an apostle and (I think) the Church Historian at the time he wrote that. Oops! But given his penchant for hiding stuff (1832 first vision account come to mind), perhaps not too surprising.

    Have you seen the video on the Church website of Russ (almost) putting his face in the hat while explaining the BoM translation process? He puts it toward his face for about a second then puts it down. The look on his face is priceless…as if he’s not sure he actually believes what he just demonstrated.

    One more thing…Russ has been well aware of the rock in the hat thing for a long time. He mentioned it in a talk he gave to the new mission presidents at the MTC in 1992!! But nobody ever thought to mention it in General Conference or include it in a SS, Priesthood, RS, Primary, Seminary, or Institute manual before the publication of the Gospel Topic essay in late 2013. Epic fail.

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