Today I am joined by John Dehlin to discuss several essays (two recent!) written by Dr. John Gee criticizing the Joseph Smith Papers Project volume dealing with the Abraham Egyptian Manuscripts.  Is Dr. Gee fair in his criticisms, or is he grinding a well-honed axe?  You be the judge!


2 Replies to “Radio Free Mormon: 215: CIVIL WAR! John Gee v. The Joseph Smith Papers Project”

  1. I would love for you guys to review the book Mine Angels Round About You, by David Frederick Babbel. It is what got me interested in LDS. Filled with amazing miraculous events with Missionaries. But lately I’ve been wondering if these things are true. Thanks

  2. My father’s entire testimony is based on Hugh Nibley. I would love to hear a take down/break down of any of Hugh Nibley’s books.

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