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Mormonism LIVE: 020: Natasha Helfer’s Court of Love & Kwaku’s Bait And Switch

A lot happened this past Sunday in Mormonism. Natasha Helfer had a disciplinary court and later in the week was excommunicated. And Kwaku coming off of our interview attempted to drive people to video dredging up old allegations against John Dehlin but encasing it in a bait and switch put over on people as “My apology to John Dehlin”. We tackle both of those as well as some looking back at last week’s conversation with Kwaku and some of the things he said and if they hold up to critical thinking.


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 020: Natasha Helfer’s Court of Love & Kwaku’s Bait And Switch”

  1. I’ve heard enough from Kwaku to state confidently that critical thinking and debating are not his strong suits. His use of the molasses truck explosion as an example of the irrational is an example that he is conflating the concepts of rationality and frequency. The explosion of a molasses tanker is a rare event indeed, but that does not mean that it is an irrational event. The frequency with which an event occurs is not related to the rationality of that event.

    Further, the statement that Joseph Smith is a “dispensational prophet” and that everybody after him is not held to the same standard would come as a surprise indeed to Russell Nelson and to anybody who has taught, learned, or believed in orthodox Mormonism in the past. Kwaku appears to be dealing with the messiness of Mormonism and the cognitive dissonance that he undoubtedly experiences by creating a religion of his own.

  2. Bill…in the spirit of not withholding anything today…PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE…stop overusing the word “HEALTHY”

    Don’t take this in the wrong way, but please get a thesaurus and find another word. You’ve beaten that one to death and whenever you say it, (and you always do) it comes off as if you consider yourself an authority on what’s healthy and what’s not …very left- over Mormon of you, in that it always smacks a little of preachy and self righteous…not healthy. LOL

    If those of us who love you don’t tell you…who will??

  3. I don’t believe for a minute that Mr. El is anything more than a self promoting attention seeker in the same vein as his personal hero Donald Trump. All publicity is good publicity when your primary goal is money and fame. His devotion to Mormonism seems to be nothing more than a vehicle for drawing attention to himself. It will not surprise me one iota if, when he’s played out his faux role as apologist for all it’s worth, he starts publicly denouncing the church for the same reasons he now flippantly defends it. He strikes me as little more than a provocateur trying to make a name for himself by whatever means are available, not a serious person.

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