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Radio Free Mormon: 218: Lying in Wait to Deceive

RFM joins Jonathan Streeter to discuss how lawyers use words to deceive.

Even when the lawyers are LDS Church leaders.

And even when they’re not lawyers!

Prepare to have your eyes opened!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 218: Lying in Wait to Deceive”

  1. You need to stop hanging with Streeter. You and Bill are definitely going the Telestial route. Streeter and his little Muppet are damned to hell for sure.

  2. How fast would the church grow if the LDS church was as forthcoming with it’s real history as it expects teenage boys and girls to be in bishopric worthiness interviews?

  3. When I think of the deceiver holding up four fingers and asking the member how many fingers he sees, I can’t help thinking about Hugh B. Brown in 1969. He had worked SO HARD to get a Black man to be ordained to the priesthood by David O. Mc Kay and had his efforts crushed by certain members of the 15. Then, he was FORCED to sign the 1969 First Presidency declaration in 1969 that was not signed by President Mc Kay and he was ONLY given the ability to declare that the Church stood for equal rights for blacks. He signed that declaration with tears streaming down his cheeks because it was COMPLETELY against his will and everything that he stood for, but was forced to do it because the majority of the 15 ordered him to do it. He was being forced to declare that three fingers were being held in front of his face instead of the four that he saw because the Church told him to see three instead of the four that he could see.

  4. One more thought. When the pioneers crossed the plains, they were given a list of things that they were REQUIRED to take with them on their wagon and in their handcart. Two of the things that they were REQUIRED to take with them were tea and coffee — and they weren’t REQUIRED to take them to trade with the Indians. They were REQUIRED to take them to DRINK on the trail. You couldn’t cross the plains with the Church if you didn’t follow the brethern and bring the REQUIRED coffee and tea to drink on the trail. My grandmother, who was born in 1880, also drank coffee and my parents explained that she did it because it was “medicine” for her, and it’s OK to drink coffee if it is used as “medicine”. I always explained that exception to my Sunday School teachers when they would explain the Word of Wisdom to me.

  5. By far my favorite radio free mormon episode. I wish we would be honest for once and realize we don’t value honesty at all; not in our leaders or in ourselves. Mormonism normalizes deception at all levels while professing otherwise. Case and point:

    – Missionary work and hard topics
    – Secret vs sacred experiences
    – Priesthood callings and confidentiality
    – Temple ordinances and disclosure of any of it
    – Discussions with non mormons around garments

    RFM and Jonathon make a dynamic duo and I really appreciate the great content!

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