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Mormonism LIVE !: 022: Strange Soundbites And Stranger Lies

Recently a few regional conferences came to our attention where LDS Leaders said things that seem to run counter to the truth. We touch on those today and take your calls on Mormonism LIVE ! Support Mormonism LIVE ! by donating today. 1.) We discuss Video Footage of Elder Holland and Sister Cordon claiming the Cordon’s don’t have any wealth to an audience made up in part by the poor in Africa. Which is a deceptive statement since Derek Cordon was with Omniture when they were bought out by adobe for 1.8 Billion and They live in a Million Dollar Home 2.) We discuss Video Footage of Elder Holland explaining how the Church is always behind and playing catch up with the world. 3.) We discuss footage from Elder Bednar claiming once again that Missionary work is growing and increasing and the producing incredible results.

8 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 022: Strange Soundbites And Stranger Lies”

  1. Bill….. Great episode, as usual….I know you generously give of your time and efforts here and it is appreciated, and Im sure youre the kind of guy who can handle some honest , well intentioned feedback…yes?

    Your comment about the wrap for broccoli from the circumcisions cast offs was a 10/10 on the cringe scale. Even RFM was at a loss for an appropriate reaction….Im not a prude and will laugh if its irreverent, but it has to at least be funny.

    Im not trying to be overly critical , but this is becoming an awkward pattern rather than an isolated event. No need to give specifics unless you want them. I think Ive made my point.

    Don’t think I don’t love you tho…just think youll take this with the good will that comes with it ๐Ÿ™‚

    BTW…of course the leaders know the scoop!…would they continue as they do if the prestige and money weren’t there for them????

  2. It hasnโ€™t been all decline, the corporationโ€™s net worth continues to increase. Well, thatโ€™s my best guess. ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Waldemar Carlstrom

    The church no longer need members , the 134 billion slush fund will continue to grow even if they excommunicate all 16.5 million members. In fact they should close all the churches and go to an all online church. Their wealth would grow faster. Oh yeah ,I almost forgot. I agree with Angie Coulter ,Bill Reel is Crude and Rude,and his slurping of his coffee and telling Us how good it taste is childish .Drink your coffee and leave your silly comments to yourself.

    1. So true!!! Why doesn’t anyone ever say that? Their investments and realestate holdings alone make them so foolproof for ridiculous wealth well into the next millennium. Their shameless greed is disgusting!!!!…on the backs of all the hopelessly deceived members they continue to dupe and exploit.

  4. Unfortunately, it appears that Bill has increasing become an angry rock thrower. He would have us all become humanists and throw away the gospel truths about Jesus because the Church is in a state of apostacy. I understand the problems with the history and the leadership. I appreciate that both of you point those out. The problem is that we have been conditioned to conflate the Church and the Gospel. They are different. The Gospel can bring meaning to one’s life without the baggage of the Church. When you deconstruct the two you realize there is no need to throw out the Gospel baby with the Church bathwater. I appreciate that RFM is providing a reasoned counterpoint that doesn’t always assume the worst. The negativity gets old very quickly.

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