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Radio Free Mormon: 221: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 3–The Priesthood Session

Tonight I am joined once more by my good friend Jonathan Streeter from Thoughts on Things and Stuff for part 3 of our post mortem of the  2021 General Conference.

Time for the Priesthood Session!

General Conference has never been so much fun!


9 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 221: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 3–The Priesthood Session”

  1. On my mission, I, too, suffered a serious head injury. Eventually I lost the hearing in my left, ear and my balance. I spent several days in intensive care, a week in the hospital, and more than a month in bed before I was able to begin working as a missionary again. No general authority visited me.

    1. That is just awful! I suppose you had the option to go home injured with all the stigma attached to leaving early, whatever the reason. But then, likely any medical expenses would become your family’s problem. To stay and continue your mission with something that serious probably wasnt the best either. Its just a lose/ lose proposition all around.

      My grandson came home early with a medical condition discovered on his mission that made it impossible to continue. No LDS girls would date him once they knew he’d come home early. No one cared what the reason was. It was brutal watching him suffer that stigma.

      Hope you didnt sustain permanent damage.

      1. Obviously, if he had faith he would have continued his mission and the Lord would have healed him because of his faithfulness. Because he came home early, no matter what the reason, he is now “LESS VALIENT”. Has his skin started turning black?

        I am so sorry for these TBM beliefs that will crush anyone who doesn’t fit the mold of expectations of the members of the Church.

  2. RFM……Its little doubt in my mind that Eyring was responding to his new infamy of NOT healing with priesthood power. ( thanks to you ) It was just too obvious the way he threw that story in and ended by saying…”and there were many more”…..Really Henry???? Okay, whatever you say.

    He sure didnt want to do a whole talk on the topic. He seemed clearly defensive and I too have never heard him so haphazardly and awkwardly throw down a story like that….and if true, a very faith promoting one to boot.

    Henry…with the scarcity of such experiences in your repertoire of miracles, you need to milk them for all their worth in a more painstakingly laid out way…..just a little friendly post mo advice.

  3. Your father stories were tough tonight! You were SPOT on with the advice on this. My kids have struggled since their Dad died of cancer. He was struggling with some things before he died and the kids have struggled with the church since. Their leaders reach out on occasion to me and ask what they can do for the kids and I just tell them to care about them and get to know them but don’t push them coming as they are struggling with the death and some other things and are going through some pretty tough therapy. The church leaders have NO concept of what I meant. NO ONE has ever come over just to chat with the kids and see how they are doing in school, etc but they send them text messages to invite them to activities. Totally continuing to prove the kids aren’t cared about unless they are a part of the church. If you struggle but don’t attend church…you’re forgotten. Except you’re not because they continue to be a good example to you by reaching out by text to invite you…it’s just on you now that you’re not attending because they are friendshipping you and being a good missionary.

  4. On the subject of having babies: I was at BYU (J. Reuben Clark) Law School when Pres Benson gave his infamous speech telling the ladies to leave their jobs and go home and have babies. The law school erupted with dismay from both the women attending the law school and the men who were being supported by working wives so that they could attend law school. Did Benson even know females had been admitted to the Lord’s Law School? The then law school president, Bruce Hafen, called an emergency meeting in the lecture hall and told an interesting story. Hafen’s wife, Marie, had a difficult last pregnancy and she was warned by her doctor that another pregnancy could be life threatening. While discussing the matter with her husband (Bruce), she said that she had heard the testimonies of other women with similar medical conditions that had been faithful and were blessed with more children. (Just like the story in General Conference.) With wisdom, Bruce replied that she didn’t hear opposite stories because those women died in childbirth. He was driving home the point that it is a personal decision about if and when to have children. I, for one, was grateful for that perspective. But is didn’t resolve the conundrum of the Prophet having to be rescued from his stupid edicts by a law school dean.

  5. I don’t think TBMs really expected Nelson’s two failed pandemic’s fastings to work. Today’s Mormons pray for physicians to do their job. Today’s god needs modern medicine to be involved.

  6. The prophet Moses told the Children to Israel to put blood on the posts of their homes and the pandemic would pass by their homes and not harm them. The followed his advice and not one Israelite who followed the prophet’s advice died. President Nelson, who also claims to be the prophet of God, organized two world fasts to stop the pandemic. The TBM members of the Church and many others followed the “prophet’s” advice and thousands continued to die without any protection. Which one do you think that I recognize as God’s prophet?

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