I am happy to be joined once again by the brilliant Jonathan Streeter of Thoughts on Things and Stuff for a jolly discussion of the Sunday Morning Session of April 2021 General Conference!

General Conference has never been so much fun!!!


2 Replies to “Radio Free Mormon: 222: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 4–Sunday Morning Session”

  1. Please do a segment on the following topics:

    *The Curse of Cain Doctrine

    *The Heavenly Incest Doctrine (a.k.a. Mary was a Virgin, but not really!)

    Why these topics? Because Mormon missionaries on the Internet are telling people:

    1) The Curse of Cain was forklore, never doctrine. Some Members believed it, but the Church leaders never taught it.

    2) The missionaries DO NOT BELIEVE that Church leaders from Brigham Young to Bruce R. McConkie taught that Heavenly Father had sex with Mary, his daughter-wife. They don’t believe it.
    Thank you.

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