Mormonism LIVE !: 026: Fact Checking Mormonism

We sit down with Creative Content Producer Nemo and discuss his work at fact Checking the LDS Church.


5 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE !: 026: Fact Checking Mormonism

  1. The discussion on “If the members knew how much money we have, we’re afraid they wouldn’t be inclined to pay their tithing,” reminds me of a personal experience.

    I worked for the church for 1.5 years and, at one meeting at church HQ, we learned that the church was pushing for young single adults to get married before 30. Why? Because, if they don’t get married by then, they’re far more likely to stop paying tithing at 30+!

    In that same meeting, I learned there were less than 2 million full tithe payers for 2010.

  2. During my mission, to San Jose and San Francisco California, early 1980s, our mission president (named J. Blythe Moyes) constantly told us to “don’t just go to the poor, go to the rich, go to people who can tithe, baptize entire families, stop just teaching the poor…teach the rich too!” AS IF we chose who would listen to us and who would not. The rich were NOT interested in what we had to say. Also, during this time, Moyes would say: “Baptize entire families, where the father at least can tithe. And if you can’t get them baptized, AT LEAST GET THEIR TITHING!!!” Yes, not even kidding, if we couldn’t baptize them, we were expected to “get their tithing” AT LEAST! Example: “Excuse us Mister Brown, but you’ve indicated you don’t wish to be baptized. You don’t believe in the Book of Mormon or Joseph Smith. Very good, but, at least, can you give the Church 10% of your income for the rest of your life????” Not even kidding!

    • He sounds like he’d be the first to claim, “But it’s not a cult!”


  3. Since facts are the subject, maybe one of your “sources” could find out how many born in America black Mormons are serving full time missions.

  4. A very interesting podcast!!! Well, I mean, lets face it, Zion is now rich enough to BUY Babylon, so Zion wins… right? LOL! Gives a new meaning to FILTHY rich eh? Good job guys! Love yer show.

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