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The most controversial talk of April 2021 General Conference was likely given by President Nelson at the close of the Sunday morning session.  You remember–The “Lazy Learners” talk!

Jonathan Streeter and I take a full two hours to dive deeply into this talk and excavate its deeper implications.

General Conference has never been so much fun!!!


9 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 223: LAZY LEARNERS OF THE WORLD, UNITE!”

  1. LOVE these conference episodes!

    Uncle Rusty missed his true vocation as a preschool daycare worker. Could he be any more condescending and insulting ?? He’s getting so old that I kept thinking that his teeth were going to pop out of his mouth. Is that why he speaks so painstakingly slow??

    And really…can he not come up with an example of the exercise of faith that’s a little more substantial than stopping rain so that they won’t get wet at an outdoor gathering?

    Everything is so stunted, under developed, and immature when it comes to Mormon spirituality. Where’s my bib and pablum?

    The dogma is just one huge herasy after another. Whatever happened to “study it out in your mind”?…I dont recall, “and keep your mouth shut.

    Name calling and bullying its own members is just so unbecoming of a so called representative of Jesus Christ. They need to really drop that claim already.

    Very good analysis and expose of the fork tongued double talk.

    To bring it all back around again to the beginning….didnt Nelson say that the ‘only’ thing holding back the miracles is one’s unbelief? How does that jibe with what he explains later about faith and faithfulness?

    What a colossal geriatric bore they all are. Thank you for slogging through this crap and helping to open people’s minds a crack. Nobody does it like you RFM.

  2. Yes, there are many examples of god stopping the rain at a Church or family event, but Nelson’s two calls of fasting to stop the pandemic informed us that there are many things that god is too weak to overcome.

  3. RFM, can you please post that quote, or at least the author of “Search thyself…”. Can’t find it and can’t remember where to find it in the podcast.

  4. Paul, the Latter Day apostle

    Excellent as usual!

    The one thing about faith as preached in the church that is so inconsistent is this; we learn from the Book of Mormon that faith is not to have a perfect knowledge of things, and that we need faith for our salvation. In fact, it’s the FIRST principle of the gospel!

    BUT (!)….. the way that we express testimony as being a “knowledge” of the church, JS, BOM, etc., totally flies in the face of faith. You are obliged to say that you “know” that the whole charade is “true”. If you “know” that something is true, then you no longer have faith, nor verily, need faith. Yet, we are told to exercise greater faith and that our faith with move our “mountains”, when we actually, according to definition, don’t have a “particle” of faith, since we already know!

    Of course, this “faith” is different, perhaps, than the other “faith”.

    LDS theology just falls apart in so many ways when you take the time to think even one step further than what is being said. Not doing this is what I would absolutely define as being “lazy”!

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