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Radio Free Mormon: 224: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 6–The Sunday Afternoon Session!

We did it!  We finally got through all of General Conference from April 2021!

Join Jonathan Streeter and me as we slice and dice the talks given in the Sunday Afternoon Session!

I am exhausted!

But General Conference has still never been so much fun!


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 224: General Conference Post Mortem, Part 6–The Sunday Afternoon Session!”

  1. RFM….I COMPLETELY forgot about about the head patriarch of the church!!!!!!!!

    Now priesthood session of conference is dropped??? Home
    teaching dropped and now this? Im sure the women’s guilt top- up…oops, I mean broadcast will be a thing of the past too. Everyone knows they only ever started that up as a result of feminist pressure to give women an equivalent to priesthood session.

    What’s happening to the reconfiguration of the church reminds me of the various chapel building plans.

    We have family in Utah who meet in the most elaborate beautiful high end buildings. ( on every corner) In Canada , where we live and have significant stakes and membership…our chapels are what I refer to as…….. ‘Mc Chapels’

    By comparison, its as if FEMA came in and set up temporary shelters for people after a hurricane!…accept temporary means…thats all youre getting. These prefab, knock out in a weekend buildings are falling apart decades later. Its an embarrassing disgrace…and now they are dirty too because the members are too exhausted to do much more than empty the garbages, now that the janitors have all been let go. ( Im exaggerating only slightly )

    And 20 new temples??? Why not build more meeting houses, especially in Europe where they are losing members because they are being displaced and told to travel great distances just to attend church.

    Oh, but every mormon in Utah has a temple down the street.

    They kill many birds with one stone announcing all these useless ridiculous new temples. To add to the reasons already mentioned…they have to also be seen by their members as actually spending some of their billions on the actual religion…their tax exempt status requires that too.

    Is it just me or based on the insulting level of the condescending content and very transparent manipulation of the ‘brethren’, is the IQ of the church dropping????

    I would say that the day to day experience of an LDS person in 2020, is so radically different from 2 decades ago, that its scarcely recognizable.

    Go ahead, Nelson, call it revelation, but everyone knows its no more than really serious deterioration.

    Great job guys…superior analysis, as usual. Thank you so much. You are helping me keep my sanity as I continue to process the insanity I was a part of.

  2. RFM I appreciate all that I have learned from you guys on these podcasts about general conference. I believe you are spot on when talking about the D&C and how the early “government” of the church was set up.

    Joseph Smith was truly inspired and set up the church the way the Lord asked him to with all of the quorums equal. Maybe ask yourselves first, how Brigham Young came into power? (He was 6th in line to become the next prophet).

    Second, ask yourselves how things of the church changed so quickly once he was in power, including revising church history itself? (Willard Richards had been the church historian). You guys even said that they (Brigham and his cronies) got rid of the patriarch. Is it so far fetched that he also “got rid of” the other prophet -being Joseph Smith? Study the accounts of the martyrdom. It couldn’t have happened how they (Willard Richards and John Taylor) said it happened. Not to mention that the accounts were written years later.

    If you have a polygamist, bigoted, and wicked design in mind and you only want power and money; would you not do everything to slander and belittle anyone that was faithful to Joseph and Hyrum in church history? Or claim that Joseph was something that he wasn’t?Could Joseph and Hyrum Smith be a true prophets of God and were killed by some of their own just like Jesus was?

    Why do you think so many are converted to the church in the first place? They teach about Jesus Christ, Joseph Smith, and the Book of Mormon. I’ll bet no one has ever asked you to pray if Brigham Young was a prophet. Because he wasn’t. So where does that place all of the “prophets” since then? They have no authority, therefore they can’t heal anyone (aka death March)…they can’t receive revelation (only write more rules in the handbook)…and they are not working for the side that everyone thinks they are working for.

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