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Mormonism LIVE: 032: Lindsay Hansen Park – Troubling Aspects of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy

We sit down with Lindsay Hansen Park, host of “The Year of Polygamy” podcast and discuss the most troubling aspects of Joseph Smith’s polygamy and LDS Polygamy at large. Lucy Walker, the Partridge Sisters, Fanny Alger, Helen Mar Kimball, and others.


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Lindsay Hansen Park is an American Mormon feminist blogger, podcaster, and the Executive Director for the Salt Lake City-based non-profit Sunstone Education Foundation. She blogs for Feminist Mormon Housewives (FMH) about women’s issues inside and outside of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. She is the main voice behind the Year of Polygamy podcast. Her work and voice have been referenced in The Wall Street Journal, The Salt Lake Tribune’s Trib Talk, Salt Lake City Weekly, The Guardian and Quartz.


4 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 032: Lindsay Hansen Park – Troubling Aspects of Joseph Smith’s Polygamy”

  1. Thanks for bringing on LHP. It was a great discussion as well as questions from the listeners. I didn’t realize that the Sunstone event was upon us so I signed up for the full event.

  2. Great episode. Please watch the documentary “The Vow” from HBO regarding the NXIVM cult. Much of what you talked about regarding Joseph Smith and Fundamentalist Mormons is also found in that cult and how there was a woman facilitator who enabled the sexual advances of the leader.

  3. Mormonism is the perfect scam. Joseph Smith used the fear of death to get sex, money, and power. He used promises is exaltation, eternal families, and celestial glory balanced with threats of eternal damnation and separation from loved ones to manipulate and control people. We need to stop giving up our time, talents, money, hearts, minds, and very lives on this earth, which is guaranteed, to try to gain a reward in the next life, which is not.

  4. When Lindsay says that polygamy was as much about power for Joseph Smith as it was about his voracious sexual appetites, oddly enough, I think about Jimi Hendrix. Hendrix was quoted one time as saying something to the effect that he, as a black man, took as much satisfaction in thinking of the bigoted parents of the white girls he was screwing as he did in the actual physical act. So he was seizing power as he was bedding the women, although the sex was integral to the revenge.

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