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Mormonism LIVE: 034: Ask Us Almost Anything & More

This weeks episode will feature RFM and Bill Reel unveiling a new show under the Mormonism Discussion Inc. umbrella and some reflection on last weeks episode regarding Nelson’s flight and we touch on the passing of Robert Ritner and spend the last half of the Show doing an AMA. RESOURCES:


7 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 034: Ask Us Almost Anything & More”

  1. Another person JS wants to add to the reward pot. The original reward $100 plus the addition from RFM and Bill Reel $400 plus JS’s addition $200 brings the reward up to $700. The NTSB report validating Rusty’s brush with death is now worth $700.00.

  2. I would like to hear more of your thoughts on leviticus and the blood atonement. That was my stage two shelf breaker. Stage one:leaving the LDS faith (Mormon temple rites). Stage two: Leviticus. I tried and tried to find someone to calm my discomfort with so much focus on blood Then I settled on an academic look via Anthropology and Historical study of religion.

  3. I LOVE each episode of Mormonism live, but Please put some decent lighting on Bills face and darken and/or enhance Bill’s background lighting. RFM is lit pleasantly but Bills sucks.

  4. Regarding the Joseph Smith polygamy thing, RFM should reach out Rock Waterman to see if he’s interested. He’s written a couple of blogs on the subject and in one of them he spends a lot of time criticizing Lindsay Hansen Park and basically accusing her of talking in an echo chamber. That could be a fun debate no matter which side of the argument you fall on.

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