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Mormonism LIVE: 035: Will The Real Apostle Please Stand Up !

In this week’s episode of Mormonism Live, we will investigate the integrity of the not only the President of the Church but also the integrity of the Quorum of the 12. Once one grasps the systemic issue within LDS Leadership, One’s trust in them becomes anything other guaranteed.

RESOURCES: 45:35 – 46:38 Time Stamp 4:47 – 5:46 Time Stamp

In his memoirs, An Abundant Life, Elder Hugh B. Brown explained “the Apostolic Charge” that every apostle is apparently given upon admittance to the Q12. It reads as follows: “Always be willing to subjugate his own thoughts and accept the majority opinion not only to vote for it but to act as though it were his own original opinion after it has been approved by the majority of the council of the twelve and the First Presidency.”


6 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 035: Will The Real Apostle Please Stand Up !”

  1. RFM…Really great episode!

    It was really a good reminder to remember how that all went down with the ‘revalation’ in question.

    RMN and the quorum were very aware of Monson’s decline and I’m sure that Nelson had been ‘acting’ as the prophet behind closed doors for some time, and thats likely a huge part of the reason that he would have had the balls to pull such a blatant move in the faces of the quorum.

    In hind sight it appears that Its possible that he waited until Monson’s death was imminent. And he was prepared to take that risk with quorum.

    If accurate, his impatience and ambition ended up back firing on him and Im sure the brethren got some satisfaction in him having to eat his words…he didnt send a messenger to do that dirty job.

    He really badly over estimated the currency he thought he had with the members of the church, but his stubborn ego ended up holding out for what?…3 more years?

    Just nasty!

    Thank you for resisting the temptation to validate speculative comments that cant be minimally substantiated with something.

  2. Bill’s source: “President Monson spent his last days eating rootbeer floats and watching ‘What About Bob?’ over and over.”

    Me: “BILL–I think your source might be messing with you… this is too funny.”

    Bob: “Roses are Red, Violets are Blue, I’m a schizophrenic, and so am I.”

  3. RFM, I love your podcasts and never miss a one. Correct pronunciation of Kay Burningham’s name is “burning ham”, not “burning game”. Thanks for correcting this in any future references to her.

  4. I am an European living in Utah. We Europeans are known to be more secular than Americans. And we definitely not happy that, due to the enormous freedoms that your Constitution provides to religious matters such religious frauds as the Mormon cult are able to access Euro countries and spread their lies there.
    As mentioned earlier I live in Utah. Despite the beauty of the state, it is really very painful emotionally to live in a state controlled by a massive religious fraud-the Mormon Church.

  5. Fascinating discussion. I thought your hypothesis was well founded.

    I do think it’s worth noting in the January talk that Reel played that Nelson gave a challenge to the members to get a testimony of the divine nature of the policy that was delivered by revelation.

    You may remember that later when Nelson talked about the reversal revelation, he claimed that he was petitioning god on behalf of the LGBTs and their families about the pain that the policy was causing. Further claiming that god relented.

    Think about that. Nelson tells members to gain a testimony of the policy, but later claims that he was petitioning god to reverse it. Beyond that problematic fact, Nelson’s story ultimately puts the blame of the policy on Monson and god. Think of the massive size of Nelson’s ego to make such a claim. It reminds me of a certain president.

    I think Nelson’s blunders are simply a symptom of his surgeon complex. But it also feels that because of Nelson’s several blunders, my guess is that he’s lost some freedom from the rest of the board.

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