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Mormonism LIVE! 040: Symphony Of LGBT Mis-Direction & Mr. Holland Dopus

Since its inception in 1830 LDS Leaders have been consistent at one thing. While lip service is given to being a Church that has Prophets, Seers, and Revelators who claim to speak for God and give direction from on high, these men seem to always be behind the times, stating outdated false misconceptions and teaching false and at times harmful rhetoric. No where can this be more easily recognized than on the LGBT issue. But….. sadly It doesn’t stop there.



6 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE! 040: Symphony Of LGBT Mis-Direction & Mr. Holland Dopus”

  1. Homosexuality in animals is not a good argument to say “gay is good”. Incest is common in animals: especially wolves and horses. Wolves commit “natural” incest, as do cats, without human intervention.

    There are two options the Church can go:

    a) Say “Gay is good, they’re all going to the Celestial kingdom and be sealed as Gods/Gods and Goddesses/Goddesses” so, yeah.


    b) The Church cannot seal men to men or women to women. Period. We encourage families with gay children to help them get a good education. If your family throws you out because you are gay, the Church will pay for your education in a trade school or two years of college. But the Church can never approve of gay sealings, and this will never happen until and if Jesus Himself returns and directs us otherwise. Until then, there will be no sealings.

    The Church is trying to say “we accept gays fully” and yet “not” accept them fully. The Church is doing its old deceptive PR that reminds me of the old Soviet propaganda machine.

    1. Your point about animals is a good point. Male bears are known to kill a female’s cubs so that she will go into heat and he can mate with her. Not the sort of thing we should look upon as “okay” because the animals are doing it.
      I don’t have a problem with homosexuality, I just don’t think this is a good reason for it to be okay.

  2. So elder holland turns on the waterworks and slams down the victim card because it’s getting harder to discriminate against gays. Seriously Jeffrey???

  3. Did Jesus address homosexuality? Yes, He said “some are born eunuchs, others are made eunuchs by men, and some become eunuchs for the sake of the kingdom of heaven”. Why would one become a eunuch for the sake of the Kingdom of Heaven? He was referring to the Essenes, who were celibate men. Why? Because they wanted to go to the Kingdom of Heaven.

    Jesus also said “Verily, if a brother says to his brother Raca (I spit upon you) he shall be in danger of the Council, but he that says ‘Thou fool’ shall be in danger of Gehenna (hell-fire).” Meaning: hetero men say Raca (I spit on you) to gay men, who reply ‘Thou fool’. In other words, saying “Race” will get you in trouble with the Council, but saying ‘thou fool’ will send you to Gehenna. What is the Council? May refer to Sanhedrin. May refer to judgement Council at time of death.

    1. If you want to pay attention to what Jesus taught — It’s actually Pharisaical religious leaders like jeffrey holland who should be worried about incurring the total wrath of God.

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