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Radio Free Mormon: 226: From TBM to RFM Part 1

I went on John Dehlin’s show recently to talk about the turning points in my life that have turned me from a True Believing Mormon into Radio Free Mormon.

I had to do a lot of introspection for this podcast, and as it turns out, the answers surprised even me!

A must-listen for anyone who wants to know what makes RFM tick!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 226: From TBM to RFM Part 1”

  1. I would love for you guys to analyze this talk: I think its a better version of “Stay in the Boat” concept of Elder Ballard but seems to say that in his analysis of anti church claims he felt sad and gloomy and the opposite when he believes church claims so therefore they are true. Sometimes the truth is sad and gloomy. A cancer diagnosis does not bring peaceful goosebumps.

  2. Decades ago I when my dad was touting Hugh Nibley’s research, I noted to him the fact that Nibley scans an incredibly wide field of cultural data to find nuggets that he promotes as Mormonism proof points. I thought of that when RFM recalled his discussion with Glen when he laughs at the exercise of finding “Mormon words.”
    Such a great story.

  3. Hey, RFM! Love all you do! But the interruptions from these two other guys (I know….Mormon Stories where Dehlin talks too much) interrupted not only yur thoughts but mine as well. So disappointed! I much prefer Mormoniism Live where you don’t get interrupted all the time.

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