Mormonism LIVE: 050: Bigfoot, Cain, & Prophetic Mormon Mythmaking

Preparing on a short week with our focus on Thrive & the Midnight Mormon’s Debate with RFM has us selecting an interesting topic that is light and fun. So Wednesday November 17th RFM and Bill Reel dive into the old folklore surrounding Bigfoot being none other than Cain. The origination story, and how Prophets, Seer’s, and Revelators have turned a strange story into some sort of pseudo doctrine, How FairMormon really screwed the pooch, and how Mormonism’s and Sasquatch’s narratives intertwine in other strange places you may not have seen coming.


Is Cain Bigfoot? The Truth Behind 5 Mormon Folklore Stories – https://www.ldsliving.com/is-cain-bigfoot-the-truth-behind-5-mormon-folklore-stories/s/64534

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Mormon theory of Bigfoot traces monster to Garden of Eden

The Mormon Bigfoot Genesis Theory – 10 Zen Monkeys

When Cain Appeared to Joseph Fielding Smith’s Brother & Talked with an Apostle

The Mark of the Curse: Lingering Racism in Mormon Doctrine?

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4 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 050: Bigfoot, Cain, & Prophetic Mormon Mythmaking

  1. I always thought the Bigfoot/Cain connection was just an old Mormon wives tale. I knew of it and heard about it but never anything of substance.

    The bigger issue for me is, while I heard and knew about the Cain Myth growing up in the church, I never heard or knew a lick about Joseph’s polygamy, Brighams Adam/God doctrine, or Book of Abraham.

    If the church doesn’t hide anything, why did I know more about a Myth and story than about actual historical facts?

  2. That is such a good question, Jarime!

    One I expect church leaders will avoid.

  3. Oh my, this session brings back a lot of memories growing up in Utah during the ’60s/’70s. No doubt the stories of Cain a product of Mormon racism.

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