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Radio Free Mormon: 227: Mormonism and Western Esotericism

I was recently honored to be asked to give a presentation before the Mormonism and Western Esotericism Group.  My address on the subject of Ancient Hebrew Numerology in the Book of Mormon was warmly received, and we had a wonderful time talking about it and related subjects during the second half of the evening.

I want to thank Professor Trevor Luke of Florida State University for his gracious invitation to make this presentation, and all the scholars associated with the MWE for their graciousness in listening to what I had to say, and especially for their fabulous insights into the subject!


3 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 227: Mormonism and Western Esotericism”

  1. With Christ and 7x 70 , instead try 7 and 70. And, you get numbers from Daniel about the end time and the temple being built meaning forgiveness coming forth! Also, try, 7 and 70 for from Adam to Christ; the second Adam!? I have way more stuff.909-7681982

  2. This all seems like “Much ado about nothing.”It seems just as likely that the number 7 appearing in the Book of Mormon is more of a coincidence and the mistakes like the city of Nephiahah is more just Joseph Smith pulling things out of his arse on the fly and you get weird errors like that. If you tried hard enough you could probably find instances of the number 5 repeating or some other number. It all seems coincidental.

    However, if there really is something to it, I wonder if there is anything in Adam Clarke’s commentary that alludes to the symbolic nature of the number 7 in the Bible and perhaps Joseph’s familiarity with Adam Clarke has him inserting some of these instances. Has anybody looked into that?

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