4 Replies to “RFM: 230: Magic and Mormonism, part 1”

  1. It makes sense that since the plates weren’t what was portrayed Joseph Smith had to strictly control who saw them and under what conditions and of course hat’s why they disappeared (taken by the angel)

  2. It’s sacred because it’s secret. Brilliant. Do you think RFM thought of that himself? Let’s ask him. Great episode

  3. Your preamble to this episode reminded me of the time that I did a magic trick as part of my sacrament meeting talk. I recall that it had something to do with the concept that faith without works is dead – I made pieces of paper with “faith” and “works” disappear, replaced by a piece of paper with “blessings” or something. Made sense (to me, anyway) at the time. I don’t think they ever asked me to speak in that ward again!

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