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Mormonism LIVE: 064: The Role of Women In The Church

Mormonism LIVE: 064: The Role of Women In The Church RFM and Bill dive into the issue of Women in the Church and their role. What does the Church want women to think and believe and what does the system of Mormonism actually tell Women about their place within the Church? We have a guest on Nicole, who along with Maven share their personal journey navigating the hurtful and unhealthy sexist messaging of the LDS Church.


2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 064: The Role of Women In The Church”

  1. Love maven. It’s really hard to hear the guest ask if she can finish her story. Would have loved more from the hosts and the guest. They help keep it to more of an interview, where this felt like a pile on.

    Maven dominated the airtime from Bill and RFM and what they are learning. The learning is more in line with a new enlightenment of faith transition.

    She is a great moderator and over time she could host or lead shows if her own. Mormon stories defines up front who is leading the interview, which helps the listener to have a clear expectation on the tone of the show. Came here for Bill and RFM.

  2. This was your best episode yet. Nicole and Maven were so wonderful. If Nicole has any kind of social Media presence I would love to follow her.

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