This is an episode of Rameumptom Ruminations where Radio Free Mormon is interviewed.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints has a track record of promoting lawyers among the ranks of the general authorities. In this very special episode, Scott brings in our resident ex-Mormon lawyer Radio Free Mormon into the Rameumptom Studio to chat about the overlap between his professional life and Mormonism.



  1. Such an incredibly important podcast. It serves as excellent fodder to explain why members are so pissed when they learn about the Q15’s manipulation of information.
    As a lifetime Mormon, I was trained to be careful not to pass on “meat” for those only capable of consuming “milk.” But I would be 40 years old before I realized how much Church leaders and their apologists manipulate and lie about their history and truth claims. It’s this reason that I was glad to hear RFM’s reference his podcast “001: The Great Mormon Coverup.” Since I had read Arrington’s biography, RFM’s walk through of Packer’s talk, The Mantle is Far, Far Greater than the Intellect, was nothing short of epic. BKP gave that talk 6 months before he would get his way and be assigned as Arrington’s boss, at which he promptly fired him. It’s important to note that years went by before the Q15 replaced Arrington’s position. Since that time, 8 of the last 10 History Directors have been lawyers.

    It’s in the hope that RFM will continue to create these types of podcasts that I’m a monthly donor.

  2. I need a criminal lawyer. Who is RFM really? I have not yet, at about 30 minutes, heard his name. I was impressed with him after listening to this. I am in the 10% innocent category.

  3. I’m new to RFM…enjoying the interesting intellectual,well-informed, sometimes hilarious conversations! I relate to your ‘radioactive’ comment. (Insert Jimmy Page riff here.)

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