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Radio Free Mormon: 239: RFM Goes Back to Church!

I went to the Saturday evening session of Stake Conference April 9th. So many of you wanted to know why I went and what happened, I decided to do a podcast about it!


14 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 239: RFM Goes Back to Church!”

  1. Dear RFM, wishing you endurance in this difficult time and thank you for everything you do. Better times are ahead. Thinking of you.

  2. Hi RFM! So sorry to hear about your break-up! It’s never easy. I hope you don’t give up on love though…per your closing song. You never know when the right one might come along. Took me three tries and I wouldn’t change a thing. You know that old cliché’…”when one door closes…”. Hugs my friend! Thank you for the work you do!!

  3. Thanks for opening up and sharing….I thought you were still w your first wife when we did The Music Man. And so sorry to hear about the break up. I hope the pain eases with time….sooner than later. You know what I’ve learned over the years? Marriage is overrated.

  4. My heart goes out to you, RFM.
    We all need love and deserve to be loved.
    You will find your mate, another one shall come.

    I supposed for now it’s time to move on, and at least for one of your listeners, you coming back to church (and everyone else who is less active) would make church a whole lot worthwhile for the rest of us who are still in.

  5. RFM your honesty and vulnerability doesn’t go unappreciated or unnoticed. Your voice resonates with so many of us who have suffered in and out of love. And in and out of Mormonism! Bless you for your efforts in our behalf! You’re an amazing person💜

  6. Thank you for your great investment in preparation and delivery. When I saw Les Miserables I felt I had been well rewarded early on when the priest told Jean Val Jean he should have taken more silver. I was well rewarded way back at the Apostolic Coup d’état. Thank you. Interesting how the lines of those old songs come to mind sort of like scriptures come to mind Elton John and I’m Still Standing just crossed my mind.. Best wishes, Jim

  7. Oh my gosh RFM, thank you for being so vulnerable. My heart is broken for you. We don’t know what is happening behind the screens tucked in our 4 walls. I hope our love gives you some condolences. I watched you at Thrive in November, you are loved.

  8. RFM, I’m so sorry to hear about your heartbreak. Please know there is a huge community that loves and supports you and wants only the best for you. Sending you good vibrations. I have it on good authority that if you crank these up real loud, you don’t feel quite so alone, whether you want to wallow or rage (to everything there is a season):
    Carly Simon, You’re so Vain
    U2, With or Without You
    Madonna, Dear Jessie
    Harve Presnell, They Call The Wind Maria
    Robyn, Dancing on My Own
    Ariana Grande, Thank u, Next
    Bill Withers, Ain’t no Sunshine
    Gloria Gaynor, I Will Survive
    Adele, Someone Like You
    Gotye+Kimbra, Somebody That I Used to Know
    Whitney Houston, I Will Always Love You
    Bonnie Raitt, I Can’t Make You Love Me
    Passenger, Let Her Go

  9. Hi RFM,

    I’ve been listening to you for about 6 mo now. Feel compelled to leave you a message thanking you for you work. I really enjoy your knowledge, wit and personality. I typically know 90% of all the musicals you mention, so I feel very pop culture smart. 🙂

    Breakups are so hard. Very sorry to hear you are going through a difficult time. So many people care about you and love you. I actually find comfort in these sad slow love songs and it’s apparent you might too. It’s cathartic somehow.

    Hang in there. We are all cheering for you!

  10. RFM, I commend your humility and sincerity. You also display a genuine benevolence and fair mindedness. You have clearly had positive experiences with the church and I appreciate you being willing to acknowledge that. Thank you and may you be strengthened in this trial.

    Oh, and the song you shared is the most beautiful sad song I have ever heard.

  11. Holy Hell, RFM. Listening while doing my make up and feeling bad for you, Then you spring the dulcet tones of Karen Carpenter on me 😭 That song has always had meaning for me as well. Wishing you healing in the days ahead. Thanks for all the effort you put in to help us work through, learn, & understand. You may not know us, but we are your friends.

  12. I am so sorry for the pain you are dealing with. (I’ve been there and it is so hard.) I admire your determination that the show must go on and your willingness to be open with the community of people who follow you. And then you had to play that song at the end and I just cried.

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