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Mormonism LIVE: 076: “Get Rid of the Facsimiles!” says Faithful Mormon Scholar

Mormon Scholar Dan Vogel comes on the show once more to discuss last week’s episode of Mormonism LIVE as well as to discuss other new insights surrounding the Book of Abraham that seem to close the door on the “Missing Scroll Theory” and the Catalyst Theory”.


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 076: “Get Rid of the Facsimiles!” says Faithful Mormon Scholar”

  1. There is not way that Mormonism Live can keep such a long string of fascinating podcasts going. I keep thinking that the next one will be a let down, but so far you keep hitting the ball out of the park. As a lifetime Mormon I’m amazed by the quality of new content that the Bill Reel/RFM show is able to dig up.

  2. Podcast takes on additional meaning in the context of Muhlestein’s noteworthy YouTube commitment to characterizing the facsimile’s as faith promoting.

  3. I asked Dr Givens his view on the facsimile. Here is his response which I appteciated
    Hi Noel
    My views are pretty clearly laid out in my book, The Pearl of Greatest Price. In brief, leading LDS authorities and scholars all acknowledged as early as 1912 that JSs explanation of the facsimiles was not consistent with Egyptian scholarship. What came to be called the catalyst theory was put forward more than a century ago– Joseph Smith produced something that was inspired, but it was likely not a straightforward translation of the papyri he was working with.

    As for the future of the facsimiles, I cannot see the church moving away from their position, since the facsimiles and their “explanation” are part of canonized scripture.

    Warm regards

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