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Radio Free Mormon: 246: Movie Review! Under the Banner of Heaven!

Tonight I am joined by my good friend Scott, the host of Rameumpton Ruminations, to review the Hulu series, “Under the Banner of Heaven.”

RFM and RR–Putting the fun back into fundamentalism!


6 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 246: Movie Review! Under the Banner of Heaven!”

  1. I think it’s funny that you are saying the iniatory – which says a lot about how women feel in the church, it shouldn’t be there, but then nitpicking and t not seeing the phone call telling the chief to come back. That’s implied. He came back early. I’m sure it was filmed but edited out.

  2. Matilda’s conflict is obvious from all the set up. This is the reality of an abused woman. You guys need a woman on your next review.

  3. RFM,
    I love you but many of the conflicts you have with the film rang true (the experiences with my Mormon family & community) for me. As a woman & lifelong Mormon, career in first response (EMS, and close interaction with law enforcement & military) I think they did an excellent job overall with the show. I agree with the positive points you highlighted and compliments you gave.

    No matter what, I must thank you for your enlightenment, support, humor, and all you do to bring truth to LDS and non-LDS 🙂 people.

    Be well!

  4. Someone pointed out somewhere that the first first vision account from 1832 mistakenly said Joseph was in his 16th year (and thus 15). Fair has a thing about it being in Fredrick G. Williams handwriting and explain it away. Since Fair did not exist in 1984 they wouldn’t have been able to help the Lafferty brothers understand that it meant nothing or was a mistake and not significant. I don’t hold it as a significant point either.

    I didn’t think about, but really will keep in mind the idea of watching the flashbacks as though they aren’t the truth, but what the narrator understands of what happened. I think there is something to that and it again is another knock against the faithful historians getting all bent out of shape to understand that this is a story based on true events, it isn’t supposed to be a documentary.

  5. Always enjoy the show. I just wanted to throw this out there concerning the parts of the review where it is pointed out that some of the scenes that do not progress the plot of the murder investigation. For me, in watching this, I really did see the series as trying to adapt the book to the show. The book was not just about the murder. I would say the murder in the book was used as a tool to show how Mormonism has created this violence in their system and how it has put violent people into power. For me, the series was finding creative ways to stay true to the purpose of the book, to show the history of violence and unhealthy practices in the church and how it has led to some very unhealthy behaviors and created some very strictly obedient adherents who will do anything for the church. I think that is the story they were trying to tell. Was it done perfectly? No, but there were some powerful scenes they used to try to show the world what they don’t know about the underbelly of some Mormon followers. The ones that really believe the most. Anyway. Good job as always. Just my two cents

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