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Mormonism LIVE: 085: Lighthouse – The Story of Tanners

RFM and Bill sit down with Ronald Huggins, author of the new book “Lighthouse: Jerald and Sandra Tanner, Despised and Beloved Critics of Mormonism” & Sandra Tanner who is featured in the book to discuss some of the interesting stories that went into the published work. And towards the end of the show we discuss Bill recently dealing with a threat from the son of one of the General Authorities who heads up the SCMC (Strengthening Church Members Committee) as well as Bill’s recent interaction with FAIR regarding God’s carnal intercourse with Mary, the Mother of Jesus


3 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 085: Lighthouse – The Story of Tanners”

  1. I tried to find out what “official Church doctrine” was for forty years. I never got a straight answer from the Church. Never.

    The affidavits I read from former members of the Board of Directors of the Salt Lake Relief Mission (not “Union Gospel Mission”…my bad) said that Jerald confessed to his wrong-doing and promised to pay the money back, that he had embezzled. They accepted his “repentance” but dropped him from the board and decided to NOT go to the police. What is what read, in the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. I read that in the basement (research room) in the house of Robert and Rosemary Brown in Mesa, Arizona, in 1985, in late February or early March. If Sandra claims it was a “misunderstanding” she is lying. It was not an honest mistake. Jerald “confessed”and promised restitution. They dropped him from the Board and decided to not bring the police in.

  2. What was the name is this “con-man” who made “false accusations” that the Rescue Mission Board believed?

    When and how was Jerald “vindicated” later?

    Sandra said “the Board never apologized to Jerald for releasing him form the Board” then she says they invited him back to the Mission. So, they said (according to Sandra): “Jerald, we won’t apologize for firing you and believing the con-man, but please come back and work with us again!”

    It was JERALD who was conning the old widows and stealing their money, which is why the Board released him and almost had him arrested.

    Bill, RfM…..grow up! Smell the Java. FACT CHECK what Sandra told you:

    1) What was the name of the con-man who accused Jerald of wrong-doing?
    2) What wrong-doing did the con-man accuse Jerald of doing?
    3) When and HOW was Jerald later “vindicated” (in what way…when?)?
    4) Why didn’t the Board “ever” apologize to Jerald for releasing him from the Board?
    5) Point black: What “accusations” did the Board believe (at one time) against Jerald?

    Sandra has no name for this con-man. Have her tell you over the phone, not recorded, but FACT CHECK. Sandra is LYING? Can’t you SEE that? Fact check what she said today.
    Bill, RfM, DO YOUR HOMEWORK. Please. Don’t trust her without question just because you love the Tanner’s research. All Jerald Tanner did was read old anti-Mormon books and reproduce them, and reproduce what Church historians slipped under his door. That’s all. Jerald was a THIEF, stealing money from old ladies meant for homeless men. That is why the Board released him. DO….YOUR…HOMEWORK. Thank you.

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