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Mormonism LIVE: 089: Manipulation, Money, & Mormon Sex Abuse

Mormonism LIVE: 089: Manipulation, Money, & Mormon Sex Abuse On this Episode Bill 7 RFM take a look at the recent Sex Abuse Scandal trying to explore the legal process and try to better understand the LDS Church’s perspective. We look at the Arizona Law, talk about the when , how, and why about the Church’s helpline. They sort through why the Church imposes non-reporting in states that give a choice. And they finish talking about the newest press release on the issue released during their live show.




2 thoughts on “Mormonism LIVE: 089: Manipulation, Money, & Mormon Sex Abuse”

  1. I just wanted to clarify that the vandalized LDS churches discussed by a caller did not happen in Portland but in several Utah cities. This was not very clear. We get our fair share of negative publicity so I wanted to be sure and point that out.

  2. I am the scapegoat in a family headed by 2 malignant narcissist (God complex) parents, 3/6 siblings also NPD, this is a control system which the church itself uses, that being said Joseph Smith was obviously also a malignant narcissist, these people are rampant, entitled murderers, sex abusers, rapists, pedophiles, domestic abusers/terrorists … this explains my entire life and our family’s exception dysfuction and disorder.

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