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Radio Free Mormon: 251: Meet the New Church Historian!

The LDS Church has appointed a new Church Historian named Elder Kyle S. McKay.

True to form, the new Church Historian is a lawyer. What makes Elder McKay different is that he was also my missionary companion in Japan from January to February of 1980!

Join me as I talk not only about old times, but why it is the LDS Church has a predilection for putting lawyers in charge of their history department!


5 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 251: Meet the New Church Historian!”

  1. I had to stop the podcast to reply. His poem brought tears to my eyes… I loved, loved, loved that poem, still do! It was made into a song (afterglow I think?) and I’d listen to that song over and over again in my early days of motherhood and devout mormonism. The church (I think) even put out a short video with this same poem. Very powerful. I miss the good things of mormonism.
    Glad to have you back, I’ve been catching up on your old podcasts! And hope you feel better soon!

  2. And to think it could be you as the church historian! You’re a member, you know your history, and most importantly, you’re a lawyer. I’m sure that knowing your history probably killed your chances though.
    Great episode!

  3. RFM,

    Did you know the Utah Bar for Kyle S McKay shows that he is currently suspended?

    His status is listed as “Status SuspNP”.

    I also found it interesting that Mr. Mckay’s Martindale record lists his areas of practice as:

    1) Acquisitions
    2) Development
    3) General Corporate Law

    I deal with attorneys regularly and have found it necessary to automatically verify the legitimacy of all counsel I come across in all capacities because, RFM, I’m sure as an attorney yourself you have also encountered the pretenders.

    More often than not, even my brief verification efforts bear fruit.

    I am very interested to learn more about Mr. McKay and the research you have done to prepare for this podcast.

    As always, thank you for all you do.

    -Family Archive

    FYI-Donations are made from a separate anonymous account.

    1. Thanks for your research!

      I expect the NP at the end of the “suspended” notation means he is “Not Practicing,” or in other words that the suspension is voluntary due to Elder McKay’s ceasing to practice law upon taking the calling with the history department 3-4 years ago.

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