1. While I’ve enjoyed your long form reviews in the past, this was great too. Hit all the low lights. Dropped in a bunch of Easter eggs: pickles, wrong roads, etc. And you reminded us, in brief, about the various agendas of church leadership, all of which are designed to prop up the church and not the actually minister to the members. (So weary of hearing “I weep” or “I grieve” used gratuitously by them, especially when they are often administering the blows causing the pain.)

  2. I realize all the temples may be Nelson’s legacy but maybe all the building is an “if you build it, they will come” attitude.

  3. Dear RFM
    MY wife and I loved your lightening reprise of General Conference. Quick Fire information laced with humour. Thank you

    1. Eric,

      This is you. Your comment got through! I (you) look forward to hearing what you (I) might contribute to this wonderful podcast that we (I and you) find to be our (my and your) favorite.


  4. What a fantastic way to summarize general conference! Substance peppered (and salted) with humor! Well done, RFM!

  5. Nice summary, rfm. I clearly cannot endure the conference talks themselves, the endless moralizing is just too much. But I can take your summary. I had to listen twice to confirm what I didn’t hear. No talks concentrated on pornography. What’s going on? It used to be at least 25% of the content. Don’t get me wrong, overall a more healthy trend, I was just surprised. Perhaps people in the church don’t look at pics/videos of others being sexy or having sex any more. Yahoo! We’re cured! All the years of making sure members feel guilt and shame at conference paid off.

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