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Radio Free Mormon: 255: Four Recent Discoveries!

RFM delves into four fascinating items related to Mormonism he has only recently discovered.

You won’t want to miss this one!


10 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 255: Four Recent Discoveries!”

  1. My ancestor’s journal shares the falling oak tree story, but it is definitely a different version than what Wilford Woodruff shares. I would be happy to email you his journal entry for that day if you are interested in reading his version.

    1. That would be great! This is starting to sound like an urban (or rural) legend that gets circulated around with variations to the story.

  2. RFM,

    I happened to be a few pages behind you in Method Infinite when I tuned in.

    When I followed you to page 177, footnote 22, I noticed it included a reference to Marinda Johnson in Michel Caldwell’s 2016 book, “The John Johnson Family of Hiram Ohio, For He Is a Descendent of Joseph.” He reports “a family recollection” of Joseph Smith putting the kibosh on Orson Hyde’s courting Marinda. He told Orson, “God has given that woman to me. Do not marry her.”

    What do you make of this?


  3. RFM,

    As you likely recognized (but I didn’t), the subtitle “For He Is a Descendant of Joseph” is a reference to D&C 96. So, it was not referring to “that” Joseph (how my salacious mind jumps to conclusions!)

    And now I see that Orson got his chance to marry Marinda in 1834 and JS Jr. delayed taking what God was “giving him” until 1842 while Orson overseas.

    In 1831 Marinda would have been 16.



  4. LDS Hospital, April 13, 1972

    Russell: Elder Kimball, are you awake?

    Elder Kimball: zzzzz, drip, drip, zzzz, drip …

    Russell: Elder Kimball, Wake up!

    Elder Kimball: Waaa? Huhhh? Huz there … drip, drip

    Russell: It’s me Dr. Captain, Elder Russell Marion Nelson, Sr, MD and PhD. First surgeon to perform open-heart surgery in Utah, renowned overall health pioneer, director of the Thoracic Surgery Residency Program at the University of Utah School of Medicine (for almost two decades), former president of the Society for Vascular Surgery and the Utah Medical Association, advancer of the frontiers of cardiovascular surgery, trainer of generations of cardiac surgeons, savior of countless lives, including yours, and … General President of the Sunday School.

    Elder Kimball: Drip, drip, drip, …huh?

    Russell: I’m also your surgeon! By the way, you didn’t need any blood transfusions! Elder Kimball?

    Elder Kimball: Waa? Wha? Russ?

    Russell: I need your advice on a very crucial personal matter. Should I go with Junior or II ?

    Elder Kimball: drip, drip, zzz

    Russell: Junior it is!

  5. So, I’ve been mulling this one over and have a theory that I can’t prove, but think it’s interesting to consider none the less.

    In regards to the controversy around the naming of RMN’s son: I wonder if RMN *did* want to name him “Junior” and the opposition came from his wife. Based on what I’ve heard about him, I don’t think it’s a stretch to guess that the whole “I had an angelic visitation which was subsequently confirmed by an apostole” thing is a story he made up to sell her on the name.

  6. As reported in the September 7, 2019 issue of LDS Daily, in 1957 (paraphrased): While pregnant with the Nelson’s sixth child, Dantzel had a “vision” that they’d “soon” be having a boy. As it turned out, no, that pregnancy wasn’t a boy, and there’d be several more girls until finally, as you reported, RFM, the long-awaited boy came in 1972. I think the article said Dantzel was 46 at the time of his birth.

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