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Mormonism LIVE: 100: 100th Episode Super Show

To celebrate our 100th episode, we invite all of you to join us as we take a look back at the past 99 episodes and share which have been most meaningful and which are our favorites and we will be taking calls from you our listeners and letting you share with us which ones meant the most to you!


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 100: 100th Episode Super Show”

  1. Nov 3 2022

    Am a non member after 32 years, never went to Temple. It is rather interesting to listen to your factual take on things– instead of a gabfest of those still malingering to make a living over saying all is well but if one could they would have stayed…like Mormon discussion. These podcasts of their feels like what I once read, a bunch of infantile narcissists having an endless fare well party.

    The LDS organization to me has two firm goals, produce as many healthy LDS ‘fair skinned’ kids as possible and believe they are, like most Cult like organizations– the only way to true salvation.

    I believe most of the other podcasts still rest firmly on that conviction and hence the Podcast reflects goodwill to the organization who has ruined many a person’s belief in religion and sometimes God.

    What I have learned after a period of ten years of PTSD from my membership is that anyone can get pulled into a cult..and that these Cult’s brainwash their recruits slowly until their free thinking is innundated with the only true way of thinking behavior and worship.

    I find your podcast deprogramming my thought process because it show a non perfect organizations fallibilties when it is very necessary to help others get a honest picture of the LDS Culture and truths as well as allowing further steps in helping myself feel it’s okay to be honest and realistic.

    Interesting how I think the LDS dishonesty is just a way for progeny and further generations believe the narrative history– whitewashed and commendable each and every time.

    Just a long thought on how some of your podcasts have helped me spiritually heal, think realistically about my own worth irrespective of LDS membership or not.

    Congratulations on you success. Keep them coming.

    Sheri Pratt
    Michigan USA

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