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Radio Free Mormon: 258: The Unreasonable Elder Bednar, Part 1

Elder David Bednar recently completed a landmark address in two parts, seeking to defend the LDS Church against its critics.

RFM is joined by the Backyard Professor in breaking down the first part of Elder Bednar’s talk titled, “That Ye May Believe.”

After deconstructing Elder Bednar’s talk, a better title might be, “That Ye May NOT Believe.”


2 thoughts on “Radio Free Mormon: 258: The Unreasonable Elder Bednar, Part 1”

  1. Bednar’s tactic here seems to be throwing out a bunch of incomprehensible word salad that you can’t argue with because you can’t understand it. I suspect he’s hoping that people will just assume he knows what he’s talking about because he uses a bunch of big words that sound smart.

  2. Bednar should read Terry Givens, “Wrestling The Angel”, in which he connects nearly every formative concept within Mormon faith to the various original source, from which they were derived (books, religions, preachers…)
    He refers to Joseph as an aggregator able to gather the many pieces of truth that had been “lost” and restore once again to fullness. 🤦‍♀️ Looking back now, that book marked the beginning of the end for my proverbial shelf.

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