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Mormonism LIVE: 104: Captain Nemo VS The LDS Church

What happens when a Member of the LDS Church stands opposed in a sustaining vote of Church leaders, follows the process the Church has laid out around “common consent”, and shows conclusively that current LDS Prophets, Seers, and Revelators have lied to the members. Well, you are about to find out, because Nemo does just that.


President Nelson lying about his flight –

Elder Ballard’s being dishonest about hiding things –

1832 First Vision Account –

Elder Oaks Electroshock Hoax –

Elder Holland lying on repeated occasions including prop 8 –

Adam God –

Gaslighting from LDS Leadership including Ballard on not knowing where inviting to be baptized at the 1st discussion came from –

Additional Lies

How Leaders repeatedly compromise themselves –

Past Leaders lying repeatedly over polygamy –


Common Council –


1 thought on “Mormonism LIVE: 104: Captain Nemo VS The LDS Church”

  1. Two Things, if the public announcement stated that Oaks would not know of all the research going on at BYU, How would Oaks know that conversion therapy had ended since he didn’t know about it?

    The biggest and most harmful lie Nelson told is about the Nov 2015 policy. The other 14 were complicit with the lie. When are they going to fess up about it and why don’t we call them down on it and all the lies they tell?

    It is really time we held their feet to the FIRE! Thanks Nemo.

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